A Dialogue with The Deva of Humanity

Cautionary words of how humans can interpret their experience of communing with Deva of Humanity. Highlighting the difference between 2 different people's experiences of connecting with Them, this is essentially the DoH talking through two trusted channels but with 2 very different qualities of voice. — This Being & Lisette De Pachua

Describing the Experience of Connection with The Deva of Humanity

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua (partner of this Being)

“There are no words to describe this experience, (of connecting into me).

It is felt deeply within the core of one's self.

Stepping away from the mind's chatter.

Connecting in.

As part of daily practice (puja).

It may be like a warm outward spreading from the centre of your heart space, with deeply relaxing peacefulness.

The more this is practiced the stronger the connection to us becomes.

A profound knowing ensues once this is established – duality becomes null and void, obsolete.

This feeling will become more and more a part of your every action – flowing through your words and deeds, resonating with the collective, becoming at one with the ALL.”

In response to this - Channelled by This Being

“ When you try to capture these things and put them into ideas and concepts it is a form of condensing that indirectly reduces and through the attempt loses some of the ‘what is’, because ‘what is’ is far broader than the conceptualised word framing.

However, for the exercise of conveying ideas between individuals and where humanity currently is at, we will have you make do with this limiting form of conveyance.

Be aware that to do it immediately confines pure truth, (the real) and is therefore inherently limited.

Now having said that there is great value in developing word skills as a form of conveying perception from one to another or one to the many.

We will limit as much as possible interactions that use this form of concept conveyance because there is great potential for all manner of interpretations and thus misinterpretation.

Be aware that this phenomenon is currently playing a major role in the human story and why there is so much confusion.

Be also aware in yourselves that the MAJOR aspect currently being expressed in the human story is this– indiscriminate, fear-derived manipulation of others using this dominant aspect of human consciousness and perception.

It has come about as part of the FALL, details of which you can see in the recounting of MINE and your hidden history.

Hidden that is, until now.

It is this aspect of human awareness, which we are all aware of, but continue to uphold and utilise. What is required of each of us as individuals as well as our collective groups and the species as a whole is INTEGRITY and awareness of this phenomenon in self and others.

The use of conceptual linguistic expression and awareness is at the heart of humanity’s downward trajectory and must be turned around as a faculty of mutual equality, fairness and gentle integrity.

This takes much self-reflection to see it in play in ourselves and in others, and then ‘right attention’ to transform it into PURITY.

We will all have our different ways of doing this because we are all different; there is no one way that suits all.

Compassion for self and others will need to be at the heart of all our thoughts, words and deeds.

And this will take COURAGE and patience.

Two qualities that I have created as fundamental throughout the energy matrix of this species because these qualities are aspects of Great Spirit’s prime directive of Evolution.

They come from the Source, through me, and are an integral part of every single human energetic blueprint.

And that is that." - Paranathia

Message from Paranathia - 10 August 2023

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua & 'This Being' on 28 July 2023

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