A Prayer of Gratitude by This Being to the Rainbow Tara and The Deva of Humanity

A prayer for their work together as one, unifying humanity in the vibration of service to all beings. It was that quality (the vibration of service), represented by the unification of all the Taras as the Rainbow Tara, which enabled the return of Paranathia, The Deva of Humanity. — This Being & Lisette De Pachua

A prayer of gratitude by this Being to Rainbow Tara and The DoH, for their work together as one, unifying humanity in the vibration of service to all beings.

The Rainbow Tara and the DoH are now working together at the subtle and sublime levels of both the individual and the collective energy fields of humanity. This is a prayer of acknowledgement of that.

At the heart of this prayer, we evoke the sublime transformative quality of gratitude.
It is gratitude not aimed at just one thing, it is gratitude for all things, all experiences.

It is the gratitude of a heart that is free from judgement and is grateful to the ALL.

This quality of gratefulness is cultivated and we should set our intention in this open limitless vibration of thanks for all our experiences without exception and without judgment.

We open our hearts now and we evoke gratitude to the ALL by saying these words:

Thank you Great Spirit.
Thank you for all the experiences in my life.
Thank you, from the depths of my heart.

I recognise that they are all vital aspects of my learning and returning to oneness.
I know that this journey will be mixed with ups and downs, light and dark and at times I may forget my connection to everything, and this too is part of the great journey.
I am grateful for it all.
I am grateful to myself.
I am grateful to the others that I meet, human and otherwise.
I am grateful to those whom I may not meet.
And the gratitude I feel opens my heart to universal love.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

The unfolding of this prayer was expressed through the heart/mind of This Being.

Inspired by Paranathia, Green Tara, the Rainbow Taras and from our own daily puja prayer to all beings:

And Peace.
To all beings on all levels, whoever you are and whatever you do.
We give thanks unto Great Spirit.
Blessed be,
For blessings there are many.”

By this Being & Lisette De Pachua

For Paranathia & Rainbow Tara - 18 September 2023

By This Being & Lisette De Pachua on 9 September 2023

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