A Prayer to Paranathia

By this Being - Inspired by The DoH

Oh light and form of the Spirit of Humanity

Oh sacred Deva of our species
We thank you for once again returning to us
And giving us the energetic template that the species has missed for so long
And so badly needs at this time of confluence
The meeting again of many rivers, many streams, many threads
Returning again to the plexus of a united Human race.

Grant us, oh Paranathia
Clarity of vision and understanding
And the strength to hold steadfast in our resilience, belief in ourselves
And love for Mother Earth
For we know that these qualities in turn are reciprocated
And feed right back to you
Thus enabling deeper strength of your vibration and qualities
Into the hearts and minds of our fellow humans.

For you support us, we in return give our love and humanity
Right back into the core of you
For this whole process is reciprocal
And what a blessing that is
As we receive, so too we give
In kindness, support and love for all beings.

And that is our current objective for Humanity
To remember our interconnected selves
Which is in service to The ALL.

And so we bow our heads
And we tune into our heart field to let the feelings of love, peace and Unity
Bring us all together

So be it
It is so.

Message inspired Paranathia - 3 May 2024

By this Being – 23rd January 2023

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