A Song for the Evolution of the Human Heart

Messages sometimes come as poetic verses or songs - Devas naturally communicate that way. — This Being

A beautiful poetic message came through during today’s puja:

“Deep are the Shadows

High is the Light,

In between those realms, the human stands bright

Both Darkness and Light,

Lightness and Dark.

This is the realm where humans grow, learn and bridge the polarities; Experiencing the paradox of the opposite.

This is the realm where empathy is learned through hard experience.

When empathy is learned, compassion can grow.

Then this human is ready for the Bodhisattva Ray to enter the heart,

And the soul responds to The ALL, to service from here on in.

And all steps from this point onwards are done selflessly in service to The ALL,

And this human soul is ready for evolution to take them.

Their heart will shine,

Their shadow will be transformed to gold.”

Message by Paranathia - 22 August 2023

Channelled by This Being on 22 August 2023

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