You Are The Journey “Every possibility is potential”- Paranathia & Source Wisdom “As we reunite body, heart, mind and spirit in the self perpetuating infinitley intricate dance of life – we are not on a journey. We ARE the journey, and where ever you are or I am or they are or it is on the journey, know that. That is the journey of the Infinite ALL. Everything is within the infinite All, there is no beyond or outside of the Infinite ALL. Consider this and it’s implications […]

Question – “How can we be free of the weight of existance?” A tool for freedom from the ‘weight of existence’, from Paranathia – Lisette De Pachua “There are some things, unseen and unheard which are always in the background  – whether it’s because we are not aware of them on a conscious level, they are still there. The things we carry as a human species, unlike the majority other beings on the planet, can be like a mill stone around our necks – an unrealised weight of

Open A poem inspired by Paranathia, created through Lisette De Pachua Open your eyes to see inside All the confusion that we can hide From all those around us But mostly ourselves Into the illusion we can delve. Open your heart to feel again All the sorrow and all the pain That we do carry deep within Accept and release so you may begin To lighten your soul, so you can sing. Open your mind to everything To all possibilities, to let it all in Set aside all

Dearest Heart, Paranathia “Poetry is the language of the Devas & my heart fills with love from their words of wisdom” – Lisette De Pachua “Dearest heart, Paranathia, Mother Deva I call to you so you may hear The song I sing so loud and clear The love I feel so strong, it’s here For all Mankind, far and near This road of sorrow that has been tread Filling minds with fear and dread So burdened and low Mankind has become Through the ages our hearts torn and

I Am Empty “And so it is” – Paranthia & Source Wisdom “I am empty, that THIS can be full I am empty, that THIS can be full. I am empty, that THIS can be full. And so it IS. The cycles of the turning wheel of the spiraling Universe shows itself within and without intrinsic meaning. What appears does so unbidden. All expressions arise and subside unbidden. If there is a meaning to this it arises and subsides unbidden. The one flows into the next, like the

Only In This Moment “Be in the NOW.” – Paranthia & The Rainbow Tara “All the love light from our intention shines through our very existence and the way that we most effectively embody the will of the Universe and the light of Great Spirit is when we drop our agendas and narratives, when we drop our restrictive beliefs. And for this moment, only this moment, we sit in presence without being drawn into our dramas. In THIS moment, when we cease bringing up the past, projecting into

Blessings For The Rainbow Tara “We evoke your divine light.” – this Being “Mothers, Taras, Sisters, Brothers, All the Taras All the Bodhisattvas Your kind hearts And beautiful souls are imbibed Are appreciated Are opened to at this place In this time With these beings. We evoke your divine light and profound compassion into our very centres. That your purity and power of love, compassion and clarity shine through all, in these bodies. Percolating through every aspect of these beings, purifying us in the eternal now. And thus

Question- “How Can We Experience The Raw Innocence Of Being, Free From Concepts?” “Find your peace in the quality and feeling of your enquiry.” – Paranathia & Source Wisdom “And if peace does not come, that too can be a quality of enquiry. In the stillness and the depths In the shade and the light The above and below On the straight and narrow The broad and open From behind and around the corner From the outside and within There is THIS And THIS burns with inquisitiveness.  

A Prayer to Paranathia By this Being – Inspired by The DoH Oh light and form of the Spirit of Humanity Oh sacred Deva of our species We thank you for once again returning to us And giving us the energetic template that the species has missed for so long And so badly needs at this time of confluence The meeting again of many rivers, many streams, many threads Returning again to the plexus of a united Human race. Grant us, oh Paranathia Clarity of vision and understanding

The Simplicity of Listening A Poem inspired by  Paranathia & the Oneness of Nature –  Lisette De Pachua The Calm breath out The sound of happiness The long inhale of flowers on the breeze The beauty of entirety The connection of it all. From the tiniest call To the cherriest chattering. Pure joy – I am Home. Message by Paranathia & Lisette De Pachua 26 April 2024 By Lisette De Pachua – 20 April 2024 Messages from Paranathia in your Inbox Sign up for emails from The Deva

Question: “Why Does Real Liberation Seem So Unattainable?” “If you could only see and know your depth of brilliance beyond the self-limiting structures of your mind. .” – Source Awareness & Paranthia “Liberation happens in the here and now. SOURCE AWARENESS- You are liberated you are transcendant but you have chosen to forget it. You have even forgotten that you chose to forget. You have had much help in choosing to forget this. But this is now the time of awakening and it is also the time of

Question: “Who are we really? What is this experience of life all about?” “You could say that I am your Key, and you hold that within the very fabric of yourself.” – Paranthia “You are you, and that has no bounds or edges or limits.. You are you. If you want to feel this just say: I AM THIS 3 times and really feel what that means. I feel you reaching and I extend myself so that you can all feel me deep within your hearts, minds and