How Can We Be of Best Service to Others?

The realisation that service to all is the truest expression of service to self.
- Lisette De Pachua

"There are so many questions that I hear coming from the collective consciousness

in what is perceived to be this time of great turmoil, upheaval, despair and fear.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of loss.
Fear of pain.
Fear of death.
This is the knife that twists in the minds of humanity, but it can be used as a tool for liberation from fear.
The very object of your fear can set you free.

It is all about how you perceive yourself in your current ‘reality’.
There are many truths being conveyed by many ‘prophets’ but equally many untruths or half-truths that can confuse or beguile those who are seeking or grasping. This is a theme that has been playing out across the centuries through countless civilisations.
Yet balance can be re-established through this very mechanism.

I have spoken before of how through chaos you may know and find peace. The greatest challenges the human family have faced are born through many variables and influences, yet at the very core, the very centre of our being we are all the same ONE thing.
I have also spoken at length about Unity and how the perception of separateness was manipulated into the energetic matrix of my Children, leading to my own exile and the dualist blueprint that has formed and grown with each generation.

Now that I have returned and I am with you all my Children, we have begun the ‘melting’ away of these circuit boards, this programming, this ingrained drive and destructive mechanism. There are a growing number of you (in the Bodhisattva ray) who have been dedicatedly working on your practice of stilling and releasing, of freeing yourself from delusions and duality. You are more naturally inclined and have gravitated to this with fewer blockages to slow your progress.
You are at a stage of maturity of shining your light and being a beacon for others, simply by your proximity to them- no persuasion or convincing is required.

YOU are a natural beacon.

As part of your continued daily practice of connection, please radiate out this state of being, just through intending you're light to roll out like an energy wave, bright and pure, across the whole planet.

Feel the resonance through your entire body.
Feel your heart opening like a flower.
Feel the Divine within you and all beings.
Bathe in this radiance daily.
Learn to shine your light, no matter what the circumstances are.

This is the calling of the Bodhisattva.
The unwavering, unconditional love light shining from the heart, at all times, in all places.

Nourish and be nourished by this practice.

This message is conveyed with purest love.
Be with this.
I am a bridge for you.

I am with you."

Message by Paranathia, 29 March 2024

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua– 26 March 2024

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