Dearest Heart, Paranathia

"Poetry is the language of the Devas & my heart fills with love from their words of wisdom" - Lisette De Pachua

"Dearest heart, Paranathia, Mother Deva

I call to you so you may hear
The song I sing so loud and clear
The love I feel so strong, it’s here
For all Mankind, far and near

This road of sorrow that has been tread
Filling minds with fear and dread
So burdened and low Mankind has become
Through the ages our hearts torn and numb.

But now is the time of the great re-birth
To honour our Mothers, both you and the Earth
To fill up our hearts and empty our minds
THIS is the song for all of Mankind.

I pledge to you now these words I do utter
My heart open wide my mind clear of clutter
To see all the wonder that is here inside
No longer to doubt, my arms open wide
To all potentiality, for this is the key
To fulfilling our purpose, for you and for me.

So I call to you now, our Mother Tree
The Architect of Humanity
I feel your love, your true embrace
You are here with us all
The Human race.

Message for Paranthia 7 June 2024

By Lisette De Pachua – 31 May 2024

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