Question- "How Can We Experience The Raw Innocence Of Being, Free From Concepts?"

"Find your peace in the quality and feeling of your enquiry." - Paranathia & Source Wisdom

"And if peace does not come, that too can be a quality of enquiry.

In the stillness and the depths

In the shade and the light

The above and below

On the straight and narrow

The broad and open

From behind and around the corner

From the outside and within

There is THIS

And THIS burns with inquisitiveness.


What is THIS?

What is THIS?


Don't expect an answer, and if one comes don't rely on it. Just rest in the question-

What is THIS?

That I AM.

And find your peace in the question, not the answer.

There is no right or wrong answer. There is only the fire that is ignited by the question.

What is THIS?

Whatever your burning question? That which you most desire to know, above all other questions.

Stay with it.

It is the quality of the question, it is the feeling behind the questioning, not any conceptual answer. Simply the question.

Stay with that and see what happens....

What is THIS?

How does it feel to be THIS?

And if the mind tries to become clever with concepts, ideas, definitions and answers....

Then what is THIS?

How does it feel?"

Message by Paranathia & Source Wisdom - 10 May 2024

By this Being – 4 April 2024

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