Have Faith that the Reunification is Happening

This message is the energy of Paranathia working through an ancestor. Although this is not directly the voice of The DoH, it is as a result of her healing work through time and space—reaching into the past and future. Have faith that the reunification and healing of the peoples of the Earth is happening beyond time space.
— This Being

"Be open to the wisdom of the Indigenous—honour and respect, this is the remembering. It is the gift of the ancestors."

31st Aug. '23 Full Moon - Buzzards Wing working with Paranathia

"Shine the light of your awareness into the dark places of your hearts and minds.
Do this so that you may see your shadow.
Do this so that you go beyond fear, the fear of separation.

For as you cast your light into the darkness, recognising that out of the darkness comes the light; the light and the darkness are inseparable.

This is the very centre of this work at a personal/individual level.

Once light is shone upon the dark places you hold no more fear of separation. You will become free of the fear of annihilation and death.

You will become reunited with the self.

Great Spirit is both the light and the dark as ONE.
Great Spirit encompasses ALL.

Fear comes from not knowing this.

Fear is the cause of the belief of separation.

Bring together the light and the dark within and you will transcend fear.

This is THE next evolutionary step for humanity.

Once united within, you will become united outside with each other and the planet and the whole of creation."

"I am open, I am listening—that is the wisdom of the Indigenous."

Message by Buzzards Wing working with Paranathia - 31 August 2023

Channelled by This Being

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