Her Story

Before 'They' re-emerged as Paranathia 'She/He' was known as: Tanaha — 'The Mother Who Has Lost Her Children'

The Deva of Humanity

“I am Jian-Sho-Dan-Tanaha-Deva,
This is not a secret calling name— it was my last title. It means:
'Mother who has lost her children.'

I am broken, my light is dim and I am in exile to wander alone in the dark passageways of inner-earth, perhaps around Amenti? But no one there hears me or responds. 
I have been lost for a long time.

Even my charges—the human race, no longer know or care of my existence. To them via inflicted amnesia, I am forgotten.

So here I have stopped, neither dead nor really alive, at least here in the dark womb of the Earth I can finally sleep…”


The transcript that follows is a summary of their recollections through "This Being," of what transpired throughout humanity’s long and chequered history on Earth.

'They' describe why 'they have become for the most part forgotten, fractured, hidden and abandoned. This is indeed an epic history of triumphs and traumas. Certainly at the energetic, genetic and Deva level, our 'human' story has been a shocking exposé for me.

Now that the haunting echoing voice has come and gone 'She/He' has now come back into my awareness with ever-growing clarity.
The Deva for Earthly Humanity has made herself by degrees more and more apparent (or perhaps I have been able to ‘hear’ her by degrees more and more clearly?) somewhere in the multi-dimensional ethers, we finally were able to meet…


She is not really a she, or even a he, she is androgynous and not even that describes her, She is Deva.

I now feel that her lament, which I had first picked out years earlier, was a deeply muted call out into the darkness to anyone that may hear her. For millennia no one was listening, had we forgotten her? Or, if anyone were trying to listen, all they may have heard was energetic, static white noise. I too was very poorly equipped to listen, or look, for something that I could not grapple with to understand at any level. It was rather like two hopelessly insane inmates in two different asylums, continents apart trying to communicate using a long piece of string with tin cans at either end the analogy is reasonably accurate. This was so because it was exactly what her usurper intended.


For a long, time She has remained, for the most part, hidden. Not because she herself has gone into hiding on purpose, but because we, ‘her race’ have been purposefully augmented and suppressed with this (and other forms) of amnesia/anesthesia.


So it is that we have buried Her under layers of induced forgetfulness, bought about by a series of such deep-seated traumas to our species that it sent her, (and of course us also) into a state of pathological schism? She was split like the multiple images in a cracked mirror. Her broken and now multiple-personality sent her off course, to retreat far away from the realms of Devas and Mankind to wander alone, separated from all that she had known and worked so hard for. It is through this murky forgetfulness and pain that I have peered and applied myself to listen through the white noise.


Tuning myself as best I could to her now familiar discordant harmonics, although very distracted by life and the deep-set programmes of distraction that run in us all, I intuitively knew that she was there somewhere, so I never gave up. I have discovered that I too have a Devic soul and so in the deepest part of me I knew of this epic happening; it is a recorded trauma in our own records, as well as in the Akasha.


But what happened to Her after the change, when she fell away from us? That story was not known, even in the Devic realm. She went mad and then was gone, leaving a species alone without its Architect.

And so it was the beginning of humanity's nose-dive into separation and self-exile, prised apart as a singled-out species from the rest of the Earth’s Collective of Beings.

The Deva of Humanity's Story

In Her/His Own Words

Interpretation has not come easily, please forgive my clunky renderings from deep non-ordinary, none linguistic-narrative states of consciousness  -This Being, July 2022


Deva of Humanity (DoH)
“I see you in my dreams, you are not the first awareness that has shone their light in the darkness towards me, some come looking for reassurance or power and control, but they never found what they sought. None of them persisted until now. What is it you want of me? You will find nothing of use here."

This Being (TB)
“I remembered something… something deep within me stirred. I heard something that sounded familiar and sad, I believe it was your heart song, and so I called out to you. I had faith that you were out here somewhere so I went looking. It has taken me a long time, you are not easy to locate. My Soul Friend— 'Shri’ an Earth elemental whom I always work closely with, has helped bring me here. Please know that I have come here to find you, to pay my respects and give you my heart song too. I came because I care about you and I wanted to see who you are, where you are and what it is that you are doing. I have come to give, not take so here is my heart song for you Mother Deva…
Please know that I want to take nothing from you other than what you wish to give freely. What service if any, can I do for you?”

“You have come to me in this dream and managed to disturb my deep slumber, I see you are a child of mankind, one of my own, but you have the soul of a Deva, how is this so?...

If Mankind still exists and hasn’t destroyed itself you have shown you now have no need of me.

So little of what has befallen Humanity since my own slip into merciful slumber has reached me. I hear the occasional music, singing and colourful splashes of creative beauty as passing moments that gently stir my heart in otherwise deep unconscious freedom from the suffering and memories of loss.

Since ‘The Fall’ (of Atlantis), human vehicles that were originally made for human souls to incarnate, have now become hostage to all manner of different entities, I should have realised how alien You have all become.

… Yet you are my family and it is true that ‘ALL THINGS WILL CHANGE’.

This is the one universal law that I care to remember. Perhaps then this is the time that I can share my story. But I do not dare to look for the warm glow of a new dawn in my dark seclusion, for you are alone and you too will leave so that I can slumber once more”.

unity of the council

“Please know that although I alone have travelled this long and difficult route to find you. Actually, I am not really a lone being. I work with humans and other Beings. My life partner and Twin Deva Soul-mate, another human and I now work as equal members of a multi-dimensional multi-raced Council. The Council operates in full equality, sharing in our pool of wisdom, knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Each family or species group on the Council takes their turn to steer the direction of that month's project. When unified we all direct the power of our synchronised, combined Intention and Divine Will.

Our objective is to initiate specific highly energised and directed healing work for The Earth and for all of the many races, beings and species of all Earth's multiple planes. Old souls and newcomers: every race, species, family, colour, shape, and size. Our work is healing, and fully inclusive of all those that need may it. It is this work on the Council that has enabled me to finally have the skill and energy to find you.

So you see I am not alone, I am a representative of The Unified Family of all Beings, and have been granted the privilege to speak on behalf of our Council”.

“If this is true then perhaps it is a sign of the beginning of the healing of a deep wound that be-fell Earth long ago.

Things have not always been as you find me now. There was a time when We all lived together peacefully, all the races of mankind who came forth from my creative weaving in alignment with what the Earth willed. You were made to have the deepest respect for each other as well as all the other Beings; plants, animals, and minerals. We all followed the cosmic laws of equality, abundance and sharing.

It was with this innocence and openness that the races of Mankind lived for millennia. We quietly grew in knowledge as a community in accord with other Earthly Devic communities, so that when the new human being joined us, they being of the Earth were welcomed into Community: The ancient First Race of reptile-humans, (their own Deva— Jian-Guk-Olakaha-Deva my sister, is of the Earth Deva family) were welcomed and accommodated.

For many generations, we all lived together and learned from each other. They showed us what they knew of their mental dexterity and their advanced psychic communication as well as certain powerful means to manipulate the environment to benefit the human collective. In return, they grew by association and proximity in ways that they completely lacked. These were around subjects of the heart and emotions, which they lacked, they needed to incorporate and understand this in order to evolve further as they had long ago reached an evolutionary hiatus without that key aspect to becoming whole.

Their gift imparted to us was also useful in the strengthening and development of an as-yet undeveloped human mind. But it marked the first step of change in the race of man on the route to separation from the collective. At that time I did not see this as a threat or a problem. It was nothing that couldn’t be properly integrated in time indeed it was an inevitable aspect of the evolutionary process of my advancing species.

Eventually, the races of humans and reptile humans went their separate ways. Where they went I do not know - they disappeared. The two distinct races came together, for a time, learned what they needed from each other, and then moved on. No interbreeding occurred during this time as the two races although outwardly similar, were as incompatible as Apes and Crocodiles.

At the end of the period of reptile-human influence, another newcomer species came onto the scene. Brilliant, tall, shining and powerful, they were very advanced and wielded such impressive technology that it seemed to humanity to be powerful and godlike magic, The Anunnaki were not Earthborn and their allegiances lay elsewhere, they did not come to settle, they came to take. To do this they needed slaves adapted and acclimatised to the Earth; to them, Humanity was the ripe and perfect choice. They had already manipulated themselves or had been manipulated, I could not find or recognise their own architect, having no identifiable Deva I was powerless to negotiate at an Angelic, Devic or energetic level.

They masqueraded as Gods that came from the sky. Easily deceiving the trusting and childlike mankind who had no real expectation of deceit, control or manipulation let alone slavery, they were too easily taken in.

Although the Anunnaki were not great in number they were impressively tall in stature and very intelligent. By aligning themselves with the Leaders of mankind who were promised and given greater powers.


A time of great manipulation trauma and change began that heralded the onset of the fall of Humanity into slavery and control as well as this Deva into insanity.

So it was sanctioned by the unsuspecting leaders of man- many children (It worked best for their alterations to apply it to younger developing bodies) were then taken and subjected to being ‘burned” with a powerful ‘light/energy source’ that caused their bodies to be altered at fundamental cellular, genetic and energetic levels. This was a terrifying and painful ordeal for those that went through it. As well as altering and enhancing them in some ways, retarding and suppressing them in others

They targeted 2 areas of their bodies the brain/mind, and the procreative organs and lower abdominal area. This was terrifying and painful for them, many died immediately as a result. It so deeply traumatized an entire generation of humans. Because they suffered so terribly, many also died through fear and pain. In others the experimentation didn’t work as intended, they became deformed and psychotic. These individuals were discarded, thrown out into the wilderness to die or take their chances.

The remaining successfully altered ones were then carefully tended like prized goats fed well and looked after. All who went into this programme came out mutated in many ways, the chosen ones were eventually encouraged to breed, their offspring carrying the same deviant mutations.

The effects on this new race of humans were profound, the Anunnaki had ensured that the new slave humans were ‘designed’ to do a number of basic tasks without question. The manipulations were made to the brain and reproductive organs but also caused a psychological divide that was driven between their own kin, particularly between the males and females, as well as all other forms of life on the Earth, so profound and complete was the damage. In one generation a whole race of mankind was suddenly thrown into isolation from their environment and each other.

They were altered in several other ways, with various desired characteristics: To be fair of complexion, highly attractive to one another and fecund, or to pose great strength, or specific deceptive and controlling types of intelligence. With such vigour endowed it ensured that in a short period of time the colonisation of the rest of the species within the entire geographical area and in just a few more generations a whole new deviant psychotic race was spawned.

Initially, this suited their masters who used their new slaves in many ways: to build and mine minerals and manipulate the Earth to grow crops as well as personal slaves to be used in any way they pleased after all they were seen as gods.

Within about 30 human generations the Anunnaki who although few in number lived for a very long time, had either finished extracting what they came to take or had had enough of their now dangerously aggressive, neurotic or psychotic slaves, that they withdrew.

By now though the augmented portion of humanity had a new vision and purpose, to conquer and rule over all the peoples and Lands of the Earth to take and plunder as had their masters before them without asking and by force. People set against people, races against races This Hailed the dark era of war and destruction on Earth.

The new race of humans was so alien to me as well as the other Devas of Earth that we could no longer work with them. Their advanced minds had been rendered inappropriate for the original Earthly human purpose. They had become a race beset by violence, clever but not intelligent, untrusting yet unquestioning, a schizoid race of fearful aggressive slave-minded beings. When fighting amongst themselves became common which before it was unknown, this kept them in a perpetual state of anxiety, easily controllable or psychotically pugnacious. Much of the original inbuilt knowledge of their connection to the entire natural system of Earth was blocked from their awareness and wiped from their cultural memory.

All this I witnessed as a mother forced to watch her children being defiled— as unto my children so unto me.

None were left un-scared, Even the unaltered races of man all eventually fell to the new aggressors who were set on taking over the whole world, they had become insatiable and unstoppable. The effects across all the Devic families of Earth went into disarray and damage limitation.

This unfolding of events left many aspects of the whole of Earth's collective mind, particularly that pertaining to mankind themselves, traumatised and untrusting, the cascade effect across the Earth rippled out. In an attempt to protect what could be mankind was cut off and their undoing was then complete.

My own being was rent apart by the events as they unfolded, fractured at the deepest level, the mutations inflicted upon one generation and all the subsequent generations for such a large swath of mankind, caused me to become separated from my charges.

new race of humans

I left the Devic realm and the safety of my earthly and cosmic Deva family because I too had been undone. To then inhabit borders and hinterlands. I found myself in the lower astral planes where the tormented souls dwell, just like a wandering ghost, one of the phantasms that populate those dark realms. Although insanity became my retreat from which I could see no cure, I did not fit in here either. Eventually, I again moved on, homeless and without a family, I knew not what I was any more, other than lost and alone my children were lost to me as I was to them."

Note: During the period that this deep contact and transmission was occurring (over a few sessions covering a span of weeks). A series of profound effects manifested in my energy layers, and then actual physical manifestations in my body started occurring.

To me, the parallels were undeniable confirmation of the authenticity of the contact she and I had established. Within a couple of days of receiving the above revelations of horrific trauma enacted on a generation of ancestors far off in the distant past:

  • Firstly I experienced a rapid acceleration of stretching and opening of my meridian channel system- quite pleasant and powerful.

  • Then secondly out of the blue, I had a very powerful and strange migraine headache, with much light and electromagnetic type discharging throughout my cranium, I hardly ever get headaches and this one was weird and horrible.

  • Thirdly a week or so later I came down with a very hot and painful rash, the doctor diagnosed shingles then changed their minds on 3 more occasions (offering the usual crazy and diverse array of bright-coloured, side effect-inducing pharmacological candy- and then changing their minds again and again). Meanwhile, the fiery hot red rash now spread from my knees to my belly. It never did get a confirmed diagnosis but looked like patchy sunburn and flaky skin. Eventually cleared it up with some great energy work from my partner, a Quantum healer friend and a few of our guides and associated non-physical collaborators.

So similar were these manifestations to what had been described to me by Tanaha that I believe it could be some weird kind of transference and somatic expression of the original species' trauma from the time of our downfall.

“Cast now adrift to wander the dark halls of time, still I remained distantly attached to my Charges whom I had failed. I was still held in place by the Universal Bonding laws of Karma; we are, of course, inseparable until the last one dies.

So as humanity fell into complete forgetfulness of their Sovereign and Unified Identity, replacing that with the corroding constricted heart and mind states. I too fell away from The All. They now indulged primarily in fearful, selfish, highly individualistic personalities. They favouring either divisive academic beliefs about the rights and wrongs of how reality is, or factions of disconnected and aggressive theological tribalism about whose god was best and to hide from all of this many opted as I had for Anesthesia, numbing the pain with all manner of means to ensure a suitable form of temporary amnesia. Most became so separated from the web of life and other more ephemeral Earth and universal systems that they even lost contact with Spirit. Forgetting, completely and unable to recognise the interconnected nature of all things as one universal thing.

For the few that were able to see through all of this delusion if they spoke out with wisdom and intuitive understanding, they became the new dangerous enemy to persecute and remove. Most of the rest of humanity stand at the sidelines watching incomprehensively and agape with fear and confusion to be hurried back to work. Slaves leading slaves, the insane fighting with the insane, everyone believing themselves to be the right ones any others who opposed them by default were wrong and so dismissed or silenced.


Without the powerful leadership the new augmented humans with their individualised, isolated and warped, intelligence soon successfully colonised the Earth. Except for a few isolated races dotted around the Earth that were not touched by the Anunnaki manipulation. Much of Mankind went from the victim to the perpetrator, echoing, again and again, the same pattern of trauma that befell them, but onto any other being they set their intention on- plant, animal, mineral or human the exact self-same crimes against civility, sharing and abundance for all. Thus showing absolutely no morality or ethical impeccability, the human race lost any last vestiges of self-respect and wisdom. Those few that awoke to this predicament were silenced or ostracised and often killed, seeking peace from the insanity of the masses in quiet glades and mountain ranges. The resultant effect of an abandoned slave-minded race with slave-minded leaders was for the majority of mankind to resort to force and manipulation. Wars, pillaging and wholesale abuse of everything on the Earth grew to become normal. The Earth in turn has become now become a planet in crisis as a result of this original manipulation.

The final signs of ultimate corruption have now manifested; although augmented, manipulated and traumatised themselves, Mankind has started to inflict this same travesty upon other species of the plant, animal and even mineral kingdoms. How far they have fallen, how lost and warped they have become.

Following the great fall of mankind and the loss of their Mother/Architect Deva, the deep traumatic mental and physical wounds have laid them open and vulnerable to all manner of different entities from the dark and haunted realms of the lower astral planes. Thus the stage was set for the Third and final traumatising and damaging influence on humanity.

Living in perceived individualised loneliness, with perpetual fear and selfishness as a dominant paradigm, the individual human soul now unwittingly or even intentionally, regularly frequents many dark places that reflect their dark thoughts and warped influences, Mankind has become vulnerable to becoming host to all manner of dangerous and nefarious entities that hijack completely or subliminally coerce their host to do their bidding. Thus mankind’s own slavery of themselves is complete.

The new masters use their individual hosts to carry out the bidding. This usually takes the form of even more destructive activities that lead to even more suffering and it is this as well as other emotions that the hidden parasites energetically feed off either from their hosts or from the ones close by, that are affected by such damaging behaviour. This works on both small scale and large scale.

The third invasion and slavery of humanity have had far-reaching effects many beings now frequent the lower astral realms around the Earth looking for an opportunity to ‘feed’.

I too, self-exiled, having no one else with which to relate became more and more contracted. Had no option but to reflect some of the same traits of a traumatised humanity- I too became brooding, isolated and obsessed with the oblivion of anaesthesia. So darkened was my state that even on the rare occasion when great light was sent in amongst the peoples of the Earth to bring about an awakening, to see such rare golden opportunities become another opportunity for corruption and manipulation by the malevolence that now had a hold over the human race.

Darl places

In the end, the pain became too much, I become trapped in my insanity and isolation, faced with the pain of continuing to be the powerless observer of my poor ill-fated children, I opted for the anesthesia of deep slumber over relentless cycles of inflicted suffering and occasional pointless hope."

"Yours is such a sad and incredible story. My heart weeps with you. I believe also that this is the beginning of a time of great healing on Earth now. Many humans have been lost for a long time, the situation on Earth has come to a head and is now in the final stages of the crisis that you have told me about playing itself out, and so now I understand how this has all come about - Thank you, you have illuminated me with the knowledge that enables me to understand how our predicament came about and evolved into the catastrophic situation we see on Earth today, I understand why you have gone mad and disappeared into the darkness and I understand, given the current situation why you may choose to go back into a deep slumber again now…

However, under such phenomenal pressures caused by the culmination of our collective insanity the birthing of a new era for mankind can manifest. To me, the intense pressure of the current situation on Earth feels like the powerful convulsions and Birthing pain of a new Being perhaps even of a new epoch on Earth and for humanity.

To survive the turmoil of this transformation will take great courage and resolve, perhaps many individuals may not make it, I don’t know. But certainly, I believe that our chances for a successful birthing into the new form that awaits us will not be feasible without You our Mother/Father and architect.

You are the bridge of our collective to source, to Great Spirit. Will you come back and join us again to assist through the tight narrow passage of our transformation?

If it works and we are successful perhaps The Dawn of which you spoke can shed its warm light to illuminate us. Only then can all the Beings join again as one in equality and unity—That is what I pray for…

What would you have me do now?

What Can I do to be of assistance?"

“Then take my story and pass it on, share it with all who will listen and understand for it is now right for All to remember as it is Our Story.

The thread that has kept us connected through the darkness of deep pain and separation is love. Through time, space, all the spheres and dimensions love was the one thing that was left. Love is the glue that binds everything in the Universe together, the common denominator and basis for all life. And it is love that has bought us back together again now.

Love has reached up through you and bought you to me.

The time is right, We are ready.

Let us once again all sing our one Hearts Song together. If others remember me and reach out to me, build their own individual bridges to me in their own way, without conditions, expectations or demands, just love of the self and respect for all others then our reunion can take place. As numbers grow my re-connection can strengthen.

The unaltered part of Mankind is the will centre. It could not have been altered because if it were then life could not happen and a human would not have the spark of life. The spark of life comes about as a primordial act of will. It is only through this aspect that the healing of each individual can happen. Once the lower aspects of the will centre have become excessively colonised and clogged by either dominant warped mental activity, ‘the ego’ or warped procreative drives, or both.


Under these conditions, the Will faculty is entirely dysfunctional and underpowered. It is a total misuse of the Human Will that has continued for thousands of years and is why you remain slaves and easily manipulated.

By clearing the Will faculty of these manipulated and damaging influences, the Higher aspects of will can once again flow and the individual's connection to everything that humanity has lost shall become restored.

So clearing the individual self of mental egotistic habits and sexually distorted behaviour is the way to regain freedom from aeons of slavery.

It can only start with a decision to undertake this work. Before that can happen an understanding of this must be acquired.

Go then and take this message and my story, indeed the story of all of us and share it with all who will listen.”

And so here it is, dear reader, and here you are having now filled your cup with this knowledge that you had perhaps forgotten.

Please note: all further references to The Deva of Humanity's gender will now be referred to as They/Them.

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