How Can The Deva of Humanity Assist us on Our Path?

This is a calling of the Bodhisattva.

"This is a calling to service that can be perceived in many ways

But at the heart of this calling lies the ability to focus. Focus on one thing.

You may already be familiar with this, I have alluded to it in many of my messages If you wish to have communion with Spirit it is about dropping all distractions.

I have also talked about seeking and grasping. This is rife amongst human society in the current situation on Earth. Ask yourself - "What is it that I am seeking?" Pare back to the most simple principle of what you feel is your path - your learning is evolving from this.

I, as your Mother 'architect,' have returned to assist you with the dedication to clearing the mind of clutter and debris. Impediments to presence and attention are caused by the sense of overwhelming mental activity that the human species cocoons itself in, as if this cocoon is a safe and comfortable place, when in fact the path requires breaking free from this cocoon. Only then will humanity be able to evolve through this current phase.

We all have different ways of connecting into ourselves. I reiterate my message to "Be in Nature", this is like a key that can unlock you from the prison of the cocoon (of distractions).

Be still and breathe.

Let the unfolding of your awakening happen naturally.

Please know this in your heart. Feel and trust this in your heart.

I am with you - The Deva of Humanity has returned to her Children."

Message by Paranathia, 16 March 2024

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua– 10 February 2024

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