How Do We Connect to The Deva of Humanity?

In answer to this question, Paranathia gives clear guidance on the steps we can follow in order to meet Them. - this Being

Question: "How do people (we all) contact or tune into The Deva of Humanity?"

The first stage is to genuinely suspend all forms of disbelief, even for just a moment.


Put aside doubts and open to possibilities.

This is the first step.

It may not be possible, but if it is and the individual can deepen into openness, possibilities and potentiality, then we are ready for the next step…


Not just with the air and the lungs,

Breathe with your whole body, become one with each breath in turn.

Absorb into this, still and quieten the mind.

When you intuit or feel that you are ready and your heart is peaceful and your mind is still


Wait with unending open patience.

No expectation is vital.

Acceptance is vital.

Releasing is vital.

When the light is revealed, when you become aware of luminosity, both within and around you, you are ready for the next step…..

With your heart-mind

Coming from the place of your heart

Call to me

And have no expectation of how or when I will appear.

Unerring patience is all that you require.

Impatience will create a blockage and you will be unable to perceive correctly.

No expectations

Unerring patience, with yourself and with the process.

You may need to do this for quite some time, perhaps many times until you are ready and clear enough to perceive me.

And then,

As if by magic – I may appear.

Please know that I am always here within you and around you.

Come to me with a pure heart and a clear mind. And when you are ready—we will meet."

Message from Paranathia - 31 July 2023

Channelled by this Being on 17 July 2023.

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