How Do We Know Profound Communion with Our Own Existence?

“I am sensing this enquiry in the minds of many.”  — Paranathia

Question – "How do we know deep, profound peace and communion, at oneness with our own existence and all that IS?"

"How do I know peace? How do I express my need for profound connection and communion with Source, Spirit, Highest Self, Higher Beings, Great Spirit, The ALL – The intelligence that is the Creative Source behind everything?"

“Time and time again I sense this in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Feel that enquiry within yourself – How do I know deep profound peace and communion, at oneness with my own existence and all that IS?

That, my dear children, is why we are here.

If you were to distil any sense of the myriad of life’s purposes that we believe in or set ourselves, they all boil down to this, and when you see that you have a fundamental insight in your process of awakening. And then, at some point, this enquiry in its present sense, becomes your life’s objective –

‘How do I know profound peace and at oneness with the ALL?’

And so, if these words resonate deeply with you, then you as an individual are ripe and ready.

Ripe and ready for what?

Why do I have resistance and difficulties with 2 things that are happening?:

  1. Fear
  2. Habit

Explore your fears; they may have shapes and forms based on past experiences personal to you. Some may be fears of a collective nature, your race, your religion, the whole human race. These complex mixes of fears result in ways that you learnt to cope, to survive, to try to understand. Those methods then become beliefs and habits which then create rigidity, hardness and lack of flexibility, causing suffering and a deep sense or belief in separation with yourself and others.

With the recognition of how your fears and beliefs create suffering for yourself and then suffering for others with whom you influence or interact with. With the understanding of how this has come to be and continues to be held onto, you become ready and ripe to release your fears. But it is not until you wholeheartedly and dedicatedly commit yourself to seeing and experiencing your connection at a deeper and deeper level, will you be truly ripe and ready to let go of your fears.

Consider this:

What if you were not separate in any way, shape or form, on any level to the entire Universe; all aspects, all dimensions, all beings, all connected to you to a point where even all time and space is you and you are it. As such, what is there to fear?

Birth, life, death – all are part of the greater cycles of interconnection that are you.

You are both the continual change and the infinite stillness in which all change occurs.

You are empty beyond all understanding and yet infinity full beyond all understanding.

What is there to fear?

You are not just immortal at this level, you are beyond the life and death process.

Beyond the movements and the comings and goings of phenomena.

What is there to fear?

Release your sense of limited self into the truth of infinite self.”

Message by Paranathia - 8 December 2023

Channelled by This Being on 27 November 2023

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