'How Do We Process Shadow or Hidden Aspects of Self?'

"By acknowledging what we think and feel without judgement and using the quality of discernment, it will start to work its magic upon our hearts and minds, our thoughts, words and deeds".- Paranathia

Question: 'How do I process shadow aspects of self or hidden aspects of personality that are for the experiencer not recognised or not understood?

Or perhaps recognised and understood, yet still considered to be a re-occurring experience which is undesirable or unwanted (for the self and for others)?'

“These are aspects of the conditioned mind, they come about as a result of influences from others and personal experiences. The more challenging forms of our so called ‘shadow selves’, usually in response to and as a result of an extreme experience or trauma.

Some of our shadow aspects are simply influences of our community, our culture, our families and some aspects of shadow are so deeply hidden in the subconscious that the experiencer is not consciously aware of the effects they are having on themselves, and so they are perceived as perfectly normal life because we know of no other and have no personal comparison. The quality is that things like this have always been so; it is simply ‘how things are’.

An aspect of our evolving journey which is being called ‘awakening’ is that we become self-reflective and self-aware and we start to notice and pay attention to patterns in our behaviour and in our thinking that do not serve us or others well.

In line with these observations of the self there is the experience of noticing and developing a quality of discernment. We notice the difference between hard and harsh judgement and the more sensitive, wise and compassionate quality called discernment. As we notice patterns in our thoughts and behaviour that may be described as unhelpful or unskilful, it is important if we wish to let go of them and become more free from suffering of ourselves and our effects on others, that we must at first simply accept what we are.

Simply acknowledge what we think and feel. When we can do this without judgement then the subtle and powerful quality called discernment will start to work its magic upon our hearts and minds, our thoughts, words and deeds. This cannot happen when we judge ourselves or others to be bad or wrong or ignorant, it can only come when we honour ourselves and others as fellow beings, we are all going through the process of coming back home to Source.

With discernment comes an even more powerful quality called stillness, and stillness requires presence and awareness for it to be noticed, observed, embraced and allowed.

The stillness of the voice.
The stillness of the action.
The stillness of the thoughts and the mind are allowed and enabled when discernment in any situation is present.

So open your heart and your mind to non-judgement.
Replace it with discernment.
Replace it with the quality of simple observation.
Affirm to yourself and out loud that you embrace the stillness that allows observation, discernment and release.

Practice this, time and time again.

Let it become central in its importance to your life.

And as you do this, as you open yourself, you will feel the strength, the energy that you require to do this, it is within you.

Have faith in this.”

Message by Paranathia - 10 November 2023

Channelled by This Being on 2 October 2023

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