Question - "How Can We Find Emotional Equanimity?"

"I feel this question rising in the hearts and minds of many."
- Paranthia

"How can we be at peace within our own heartspace?

Indeed this is an important question, for most people experience one extreme or another in the heart space. Either the emotions seem to rule and take over, or there is a disconnection and suppression of those feelings. Many feel both of those extremes. Sometimes suppression and disconnection from the feelings and emotions and sometimes controlled by, and at the whim of one's feelings such as; anger, sadness, grief, loss, or fear. Some may not even feel able to connect with any feelings at all. Most of the ways that humans experience or don’t experience their emotions are  imbalanced and bring the majority of the species away from internal equanimity.

Emotions, feelings felt in the heart and other parts of the body are absolutely normal, valid and vital aspects of being a human. In the most healthy situation an emotion will arise, be felt in the body, be fully experienced as feelings and then released naturally and then the moment moves on and those feelings ebb away. This passing of the feeling of the emotion should be transient, temporary- a movement that is in the body and passes on like a cloud.
However, for various complicated reasons which are experiences both individual and situational; family, community, and society, humans as a species have turned the emotions into something that is either treated with fear and disdain or rejection and pain. It becomes ruminated by the mind, turned into a more complicated, often unconscious or sub-conscious complexity of thoughts which leads to suppression or more extreme - expression. Neither of which truly reflects the simplicity and purity of the entire spectrum of emotions. When the conditioned mind gets involved it adds all sorts of unnecessary complexity to what is actually a simple expression of felt senses in the heart and body.

It is the mind and its complex ruminations that leads the emotions of the human species. It is common, almost everyone does it in this day and age; to either overtly express or covertly suppress their feelings.  This creates a kind of distortion in the truth of the situation - it is a very important aspect of the human journey to see this in oneself, as well as in others. Then, with insight, compassion and growing wisdom, to see these patterns within oneself and begin the releasing process. All the range of emotions, as and when they arise, must be allowed to be felt and are patiently and inquisitively explored in the self so that transient and somatic nature is allowed to be experienced, released as appropriate and then moved on, as the movement inevitably does.

This is a practice that can be done together with those around you, your nearest and dearest, as well as on your own.
Compassion for self and others is key, as is patience. Whatever arises should be simply allowed to be experienced, felt, really felt, and when it’s had its moment it will naturally ebb away, rather like the waves as they roll in and crash on a pebbly beach - they have their own noisy moment and then they recede.

Breathe with the waves.
The breath and its in and out motion can help us to anchor our awareness in the chest and the tummy. The in and the out of the breath, like sobbing or panting or just simple calm breath, brings us into a simple experience of the body in each moment.

The emotions and feelings, just as the breath; arise, fill, release and ebb.

Do you see?"

Message by Paranathia, 5 April 2024

Channelled by this Being– 28 March 2024

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