How to Handle Disagreeable Human Behaviour?

"I give you all the courage and the energy and all that you will need as a physical being. Come into the light, allow the light to shine within, that you may see your shadow." — Paranathia

"Find the courage that the Universe, through me, bestows upon you.”

Question: "How Do I Handle Human Behaviour that is Disagreeable to Me?

"How I feel about the words and deeds of another human which I do not agree with, (particularly pertaining to ethics).

Behaviour that I can not condone or be involved with - be it an individual human, an organisation or any other human behaviour that is disagreeable to me?

How do I resolve these differences in myself?" - This Being


"It is the key issue to be addressed in us all and requires firstly to look within and see what behaviour within this individual that you also find disagreeable— do I have internal conflict within myself about what I believe and what I say and what I do?

Start here before trying to go outside.

When we learn and discover how to align our beliefs, pure morality (you call this ethics), and what we say and do, when we align our thoughts, words and our deeds with what we truly know to be true and right, in alignment with pure compassionate, empathetic morality/ethics (whichever feels best). Then we have come a great way to clearing ourselves.

If we know how to care for ourselves, how to care for others, what that means at the most simple, basic level, then we are ready to look at and deal with our relationship with what we find undesirable behaviour to us in others.

Deal with this first part and the second part becomes clear.

May I add that there are very few individuals who have already achieved this at this time, but there are many like you (this Being), who are working on it.


I give you all the courage and the energy and all that you need within yourself as a physical being to do this.

You must find the courage that the Universe, through me, bestows upon you to carry out this vital work.

With my blessings, step into the Light.

Come into the Light, allow the Light to shine within,

That you may see your shadow."

Message from Paranathia - 5 August 2023

Channelled by 'This Being' on 16 July 2023

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