How Do We Find or Work with Balance in Our Lives?

"Working with the energetic power of colour to assist in centralising and balancing the body and harmonising the duality of the human mind." - Paranathia

Question: "How do we find or work with balance in our lives?"

“Yellow, green, turquoise.

Work with these 3 colours to assist balance and equilibrium in the realms of light and humanity. All colours are important, but as we are seeing through the spectrum from the qualities of the red bandwidth across to the qualities of the blue bandwidth and the indigo, we will always pass through the mid-point of the spectrum which is green. Green is the colour related to the heart (chakra) and either side of green are the colours yellow (solar plexus chakra) and turquoise (throat chakra).

These 3 colours and their corresponding somatic and energetic body counterparts relates to the places where equilibrium, balance and centeredness are to be worked with and discovered in the self. This is one way of exploring the balance and harmonisation of duality in the 3rd dimensional realms where light manifests as photon energy and darkness manifests as an absence of light. It is enough to be aware of these qualities of the rainbow spectrum, centralising and balancing in the soma/body.

May peace be upon you and the work within you, that you may know it’s enduring qualities in your heart.”

Message by Paranathia and the Rainbow Taras Collaborative Voice- 3 November 2023

Channelled by This Being on 1 October 2023

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