Humanity’s Origins - Part 2

“We will need to take in and understand our origins from a far broader perspective if we are to truly understand what the human race is." — Paranathia

"I have talked about an aspect of the history of the human race,

Recent history if you must look at the chronological, sequential unfolding of this species and our evolution.

To understand more fully what you are and where you came from we must explore a much wider vista. We will need to take in and understand our origins from a far broader perspective if we are to truly understand what the human race is, and not just what it means to the current living generations and the history that you and your knowledge currently has access to. For that, we need to cast a much wider net of understanding.
But let us start with YOU.

You my dear, experience life your life as an individual entity and this is by intention.
It is the intention of the Universe in its entirety, the whole thing, including Great Spirit, including the infinite emptiness of the void of potentiality the YOU would manifest as the quality of an individual being so that you would feel that you have autonomy and choice. So that you would perceive that you are separate and able to make decisions that affect your life, those around you, the world and therefore because of causality and the interconnectedness of all things, your movements and choices would effect everything, to some degree or another. This is the current situation for humanity - a large number of beings perceiving autonomy and individuation as their reality.

Now, from this place of great complexity, where there is so much cause and effect, let us follow the time-line from the perspective of linear time, which is an aspect of your current perception paradigm. Back we go in an instant to what you would currently call the ‘birth of the Universe’. Indeed, there was a moment of conception - you would call it pure intention, which came forth from the infinite empty realm of potentiality. The conception of a spark which exploded as awareness and thus the seed of the Universe came into being.
Everything that you see now in the vastness of the Universe and all its complexity, which includes.
YOU and the unfoldment of life on the planet Earth, was contained in this moment. Therefore YOU were there at the very beginning of everything, which includes; time, space, consciousness, the realms of physical manifestation, matter and all the myriad complex movements of interaction between things, spread out from this seeding moment which was birthed from pure emptiness.

Therefore, you see, your truest Mother, your truest parent is infinite, empty potentiality.
It is where you are from and you carry it always. Infinite emptiness, that you describe as potentiality.
It is absolutely nothing and yet its potential is absolutely everything and therefore here we are…

Now isn’t that wonderful.
YOU and all being that you share this Earth with, the Earth itself, the air you breathe, the space through which the earth, the Moon the other planets of this solar system, the Star itself you call the Sun, were all born at that exact same moment.

Everything, everything is your Brothers and Sisters and that my dear Children unites us all as ONE.
No matter how personal and individuated you may feel, no matter how separate you may perceive yourself to be, you simply aren’t, you can not be, but it was always going to be this way.

Do YOU remember now?

So take your time to settle into this vista and let that connection to your Ultimate Origin become part of your everyday awareness.

The fact that YOU and all of this exists at all is a magical, miraculous mystery…."

Message by Paranathia, 23 February 2024

Channelled by this Being – 12 February 2024

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