I Am Empty

"And so it is" - Paranthia & Source Wisdom

"I am empty, that THIS can be full

I am empty, that THIS can be full.

I am empty, that THIS can be full.

And so it IS.

The cycles of the turning wheel of the spiraling Universe shows itself within and without intrinsic meaning. What appears does so unbidden.

All expressions arise and subside unbidden. If there is a meaning to this it arises and subsides unbidden. The one flows into the next, like the sound of waves on a pebble strewn beach.

What is the meaning of the sound of the waves on a pebbley beach?

This is not a voice and it has no name. There is no intrinsic meaning - it is simply the sound.

Just listen, as it arises and subsides unbidden, and the wheel of the spirallling Universe turns.

As within, so without intrinsic meaning.

Message from Paranthia & Source Awareness - 31 May 2024

Channelled by this Being – 6 March 2024

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