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So What Do I Take From All This?

Certainly, a much deeper understanding of the human condition.


It explains our disconnection and dysfunction as a species, particularly the European white aspect. I feel that it is possibly a key-missing element in our recent history (last 10,000 yrs. or more). I also believe that if we don’t re-establish this connection with Earth’s own Human Deva, the healing and re-unification of our species is likely to be extremely difficult and may quite possibly fail.


That we have fallen so far as a species now has a clear explanation for me for They are Us and We are Them, at the deepest collective level. Re-unification with Them seems to me to be critical in our healing journey.


If They are able to reconnect with some humans, will things be changed enough for Them to be able to help us all and reconnect with the whole race?

Will They Even Want To?

I think there is a very good and strong possibility of that.


I also feel that this is a key-underlying element perhaps not yet recognised in our collective journey back to wholeness.


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A clear channel has opened between Tanaha and me, but given that They seem to be awakening now, and that They are our Deva I think that perhaps others of a similar disposition, sensitivity, and clarity may also be able to locate and find Her. They will benefit from knowing that others are aware of Them and want to help and heal themselves.

A whole new unexpected life mission on top of the existing busy schedule of running things at our home has opened up to me—obviously, I will have to use technology, media and mass communication systems, of which This Being has very little knowledge or understanding; so I will have to reach out to those who resonate with the above who are tech savvy to help me get this out there.

I sense in Tanaha a rekindling of something that perhaps for many millennia They have not felt—hope. They have bit by bit, shown more trust as well as clarity in the transmissions. This in turn has galvanised something deep in me—faith in the unerring, indomitable spirit of humanity, something I never recognised prior to this.

An invitation— I hope that in reading this recounting, you too may choose to turn your own light of awareness inwardly towards Them. The more of us that find Them the more easy it will be for Them to find us too.

Without Them, I believe we will remain undone, damaged, and split.


I wish to add that although this connection has only been possible because of the vital ground-laying foundational work we have been doing over the years. I can now also see that of equal importance to all the formal spiritual work is the effort and intention to carry the good wishes through into the rest of the day— mindful-self-awareness and the treasures of compassion for all sentient life and equanimity— in reference to our thoughts and emotional reactions.


This is where alchemy is really put to the test; only under the pressures of daily living and social interactions can we potentially receive the blessings of lasting transformation and growth.


When a behaviour trait goes around and around, when resistance to change is enforced in our life, stagnation is occurring. When the cycles are allowed to become spirals, then motion is happening and with it, the growth of spirit and self is occurring.


By bringing this into our daily lives and interactions with people and the world, then surely we can grow together and together we can move through times of stagnation to come out the other side maybe even free from suffering. For only in the seemingly mundane daily circumstances do we truly stir the alchemical cauldron of our own transformation and evolution.

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Once we have finally become clarified enough of ‘small me-ego’ and in particular any fear-derived sense of separateness that leads us back again and again to the ‘Lower Death Drive’ down into the darkness of personal agendas’, I believe that the hard work does have its reward. For me, it is in the simple freedom I get from dropping the attachment of needing to retain control of my perception of reality, of anything!

A state of lasting inner tranquillity can now come - I have found that place of stillness is neither in the busy mind nor the disturbed heart, it can only be found right at the centre of our being.

However, beware of the twin traps of self-delusion and complacency - they are never far away and so the work must continue.

Freedom as an ideal is fine, but it is worthless until we are all free from the bonds of our own personal slavery of self.

For all is One, and One is All.

This Being

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