Question: “Why Does Real Liberation Seem So Unattainable?”

"If you could only see and know your depth of brilliance beyond the self-limiting structures of your mind. ."
- Source Awareness & Paranthia

"Liberation happens in the here and now.

SOURCE AWARENESS- You are liberated you are transcendant but you have chosen to forget it.

You have even forgotten that you chose to forget. You have had much help in choosing to forget this.
But this is now the time of awakening and it is also the time of great confusion.

The confusion is required for the awakening to happen.

False prophets stand on every corner, this is as it should be in 'The Time of Chaos and Confusion'.
All have false prophets within. All have much delusion to feed off and the illusion is upheld, as it should be.
Much confusion can be gleaned from these times where the mind is allowed to run rife with stories. It is easy to become confused and deluded by all the voices.

Be aware of this within yourself.

The hungry ghosts of the past, the ancestral weight of lessons not learned, feed the vulnerable aspects of self, confusion and delusion ensues, as it should do. The past actions of humanity and your ancestors, actions both wise and folly, sit upon your shoulders and work within the ways of the matrix of your mind. You are aggregates of all that has been, both wise and deluded.

Transcendence happens when this is understood and the atonement is made with humility, respect and gratitude for all the work that has been done up to now has been allowed its moment of recognition in the now, can be let go of in the clarity of the purifying light of unfettered awareness, the flame of uncorrupted awareness becomes free and returns to the state of pure potentiality, thus liberation is remembered.

That is why this is the work described as remembering and it is not achievable with the mind's want for stories and hungriness for narrative and need for definition, superlatives, concreteness of ideas, or any other type of conceptual framework rigidly stuck in place- all of which, whether scientific, philosophical, academic, spiritual or religious, are inherently subject to change, mutation, manipulation and ultimately confusion, when they were actually embarked upon to remove or reduce it. It is in these pursuits, spiritual or scientific, where confusion and manipulation inevitably ensue.

So if you find yourself insisting on needing some clarification or definition or story to help you understand what has gone before and what is yet to come, then your mind has become ripe for the hungry ghosts and other such forms that feed on illusion and delusion that lead to the fear of belief in separateness.

True knowledge is found in stillness and silence...

Through the sense gates you can walk to the place that is not a place, that you describe as pure awareness, unaffected, untouched by any form of story or need. When you are simply able to be present, now.
So quieten the mind, still the heart only then will the unspeakable Truth be known. It cannot be shared or described. Let this process, as it happens in front of your very eyes, help you to awaken, for this is as it should be. Drop the need for solutions and answers and learn to be present in stillness.

It is that simple.

Step through the portals of your senses without describing.
Find the place of profound stillness within, and there is the only Real, everything else is a beautiful artwork of the creative energies at play.
And so you see, false prophets and true prophets are one and the same. It’s entirely up to you what you believe to be real.
It’s entirely up to you the voices and the narratives that you listen to and uphold.
The very reason why day and night, dark and light have separated to become what they are is for you to play and learn and remember.
The only place you need to look for an enemy is within.
And when you find it, watch it disappear in front of your eyes.
Watch it.
For the enemy and the trickster are also illusory from the still place of presence in the luminous heart, here and now...

Calling forth Paranathia -
This being is the framework upon which you, my dear children, have been made.
This being is, as you describe, androgynous, neither male nor female but both and neither.
It has come from and through me, it is the Framework Form upon which you All exist.
Paranathia, come forth and enter this Being with your presence and light.”

PARANATHIA- "I am here and you are not alone in the darkness my children.
I know how that feels.
I know how you feel.
I feel your confusion.
I feel your questions.
So many questions, such busyness of mind across the world.
I feel it all.
Much of it is superficial, but underneath all that is a great yearning to know the truth.

If you could only see and know your depth of brilliance beyond the self-limiting structures of your mind.
This is the time of potential.
One by one you can choose to awaken, go beyond the boxes in your mind.
Go beyond the restriction of fear and the confusion in your heart.
Truly commit to letting go of all of it and then you will see your vast potential, that which has been alluded to, that to which examples have occasionally been shown.
If you can drop the need for need, other than the one, the only Great Need that is masked and hidden by the multitude of lesser needs, the walls around your hearts will drop away into the place and the space where nothing is named or known, this is where you're pure self resides.
Familiarise yourself daily and always, at all times, that is how you will set yourself free so that without intention your natural light will be freed to shine so that others may also then be guided to set themselves free. This only happens when selfishness and all personal agendas have been cleared.
All of this is done without thoughts, words or deeds.
This is the practice.
The only practice that matters.
All other practices may lead to it, ultimately but on the way, may also lead to more confusion.

So daily, set yourself free from thoughts and actions and deeds, so that delusions can drop away, and in the empty vessel where once there was a personality this will be replaced with Truth- The profound love of Great Spirit.”


Message by Paranathia & Source Awareness, 19 April 2024

Channelled by this Being– 9 Jan 2024

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