Question- "Is Our Reality Down To Our Own Perception?"

“The mind is caught up in the cycles of causality and plays out the dramas of Karma." — Paranathia, Unified with the Voice of The Rainbow Tara

“Has the mind created it's own micro-Universe of reality?

At the level of the bound mind, a mind caught up in past and future ideas; planning the future, carrying things from the past, barely ever present in the eternal NOW. This mind is constantly creating and is drawn to stories, narratives as you say, dramas. This mind has become more and more transfixed, identified with its own creations - which are of course affected by the creations of other minds, which it allows to influence it. Such a mind is a common place condition of human suffering or dissatisfaction, neediness, hunger for more, lost and confused, fearful and desperate - it is caught in the cycles of causality and plays out the dramas of karma.
Such dramas may carry on for whole lifetimes, so transfixing is the complexities of the light show of obsessive mental pursuit. It leads, of course, to the notion and belief of a separate individual, special self, with personality and traits.

This is the Divine Process of Illumination that can lead to the awakened state you describe as liberation. It is a maturation process that happens with the quality of readiness; when a being is ready, the unfolding of awakening happens naturally. It is very seldom an instant or straight forward process - but it can be.

The way to it is right in front of you, right inside you.
No distance away.
So easily overlooked.
So readily, hungrily overlooked in the pursuit of the beguiling, dazzling details of past or future mental pursuits.

Cease that.
Be present, truly present in this eternal moment without wandering back into past and future fixations.
To the busy, hungry mind if it is frightening or boring it will attempt at all costs to avoid the simplicity of just being.

When you are ready.

When the maturation process has worked its way through your systems and when Great Spirit has smiled upon your being for your efforts, with a moment of pure Grace you are then gifted your birthright back to you, that which you left on the shore of the great infinite ocean.

It is up to you.
Take the plunge.

Enter into the Buddha mind completely, releasing the self from karma’s causality. Or stay, and take up the vows of the Boddisatva to work amongst the lost and confused and suffering beings as a light. With your outstretched hand offering compassion, empathy, friendship and community.

Whichever you choose, you will know that you are entirely free and at one with the ALL."

Message by Paranathia, Unified with the One Voice of the Rainbow Tara- 9 Februrary 2024

Channelled by this Being – 5 February 2024

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