Is the Name Paranathia Given as a General Title?

"At the Deva frequency in the realms of light at which I exist and operate we are not individualised."
— Paranathia

Question: "Is the name Paranathia given as a general title for all Humanity Devas

On whichever planet the human pattern for life has occurred?"

"At the Deva frequency in the realms of light at which I exist and operate we are not individualised and intensely personal in the way you are as individual humans on Earth or on any of the other worlds the human pattern-form has manifested upon.

Just as other Deva Beings like myself that represent large collectives of physically manifest beings (you are familiar with one. The SK). A title and a name are both one thing and interchangeable. So you as an individual may like to think of the naming tag as a title (as such you would probably put the prefix 'The' in front of the name (as in 'The' Sanat Kumara or The Paranathia) this is fine. Or if you wish to feel more close and personal (unofficial) one to one and less formalised you would likely not want to use the prefix so that the Tag feels more like a name.

Either way is fine.

Whatever works for the individual also works for 'Us'.

From our perspective, it does not matter, and such details are only relevant when dealing with the complexity level of the Human mind at your current evolutionary phase (the spoken language/concept stage in which you are still operating). We Deva beings don’t interact with each other in the same hierarchical manner that your phase of evolution in the 'density of the physical' that most of you are currently predominantly aware of. We address each other and interact in ways you would call telepathic or the light language signature. This is a very different modality for communication than the concept/vocalisations that you currently employ. It matters not to us if you as an individual require it to be a title or just a name, either and both are equally valid and true to we Deva.

As to other worlds where the myriad variations of the Human Pattern have manifested. Of course, they all have their own Deva or Collective Light-Being representation just as I am here for you. And just as your humanity form is unique to this Planet Earth they too are unique to their home worlds, the pattern 'theme' is the same but the manifest species varies quite a lot depending on the many variables. In each planetary case, the Deva for that human form also varies in accord with The Creator / Great Spirit's universal laws, in ways to suit that variant of Humanity.

At the Galactic and even Universal level, we 'Human form' Devas throughout the Universe have our own Unifying Central Being, just as SK does and all the other Deva and light-beings do. Such beings are revered by us, as we are to you, and the reverence goes in both 'directions' up and down the Tree of Life. Such Beings are what you would describe as ephemeral. They exist at the threshold between Unity and division, we Deva do not give or have a name for this level of our unifying mind, in the way that you would conceptualise it.

If you feel that the naming of everything is important to you then that is fine also, but please understand that this is not quite how it works in the realms of light, identification at such refined levels is quite a different modality to the one you employ through your brain/minds, you would be closer to understanding it by letting go of conceptualisation (a currently more dominant human left-brain and masculine type of trait) to using your Heart/mind instead with the language that it employs.

As you already may be aware, on up this unifying pattern goes until all the multitudes of forms become united as one- The One you call Great Spirit, The All, God etc. Every single individualised aspect of the known (and unknown) Universe is ultimately direct lineage with this Source. Hierarchically speaking you could describe my form as being 3 'steps' from Source if this conceptualisation helps your mind grasp to understand it.

But also just as we are and as are ALL the multitude of beings, forms and manifestations throughout the Universe in a hierarchical way all connected like the various separate parts of a tree- its roots, trunk, branches, and leaves are, we are ALL also right there already, no steps, no hierarchy, simple direct one to one with Source/God- we are all the ONE Tree, and all indivisible from it.

Whenever an individual becomes ready by whatever serendipitous occurrence of Grace, (a route for which must and can only be sought and found by each individual's own intent and heartfelt readiness). Then all the complexity of these Hierarchies becomes unnecessary and instead, direct communion with Source occurs- when one Leaf is ready the whole Tree is perceived and that Leaf's individuality is then gone.

This is absolutely in keeping with the great perfection of the Creator's intent and is the ultimate outcome sooner or later- it is simply a matter of the individual's maturity or readiness- it is a process that although cannot be rushed or forced can and is already being prepared for in all of us. At the evolution stage of Earth's humanity currently, this has been a fairly seldom occurrence.

The possibility for Direct Communion and conscious reintegration for individuals to Source is now at a turning point. I see the glimmer of this light of potential growing in the hearts of many now, something I have not seen in my Children for a very, very long time.

Thank you for reaching out to me with your open and inquisitive heart/mind, I am always here for you, and each individual human must ultimately find their own way to connect at whatever level is of particular interest to them. In the meantime, those of you who are able will continue to grow in numbers and give The Angelic and Deva realm and me a vehicle and a voice for those who haven’t yet found their own way to us.

Please continue with your process of evolution as you have been doing, you are all doing so well.

For the time being- that is all"

Message by Paranathia - 15 December 2023

Channelled by this Being – 3 December 2023

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