Mantras to Connect to The Deva of Humanity

A beautiful and heartful way to have a strong daily connection with Paranathia is through the repetition of a mantra. — This Being

Question: "What is the best mantra to use to connect with you?"

“Whichever of the mantras that you feel is the most powerful and useful one will work. The important thing is the intention behind the mantra and how that interacts with your heart mind.

Open your heart mind and invite me in.
Use my name.
Call upon me.
I am there and I am just waiting for the opening and the invitation.
Use my name – Paranathia.
Use my descriptive title – The Deva of Humanity.

If you have a mantra that works for you, it doesn’t matter the language, what matters is what it ignites in your heart and mind. You may need to work on any mental and emotional blockages in your system to enable a clear connection.

But when that is done you will clearly see me, feel me or hear me.

One key to unlocking this level of yourself, which is the collective energetic aspect of you, is awakening to service. This means service to all beings, everything, The ALL. When you start to understand this and see that this is actually your calling and always has been then you may more easily communicate directly with me. Indeed service to all is everyone’s calling, whether they consciously recognise it yet or not, eventually, everyone will remember it, and Humanity will evolve

Meditate on the qualities of the Taras.
Ask Spirit for guidance.
Let unconditional love shine through you for all beings.”

Message by Paranathia - 30 September 2023

Channelled by This Being on 12 September 2023


Om Deva Tree of Humanity,
I am in you
As you are in me.

Om Deva Tree of Humanity,
I am in you
As you are in me.
We are one, energetically.

Mantras channelled by This Being & Lisette De Pachua:

So that the transcendent love light may flow freely through me
So that Great Spirit can flow freely through this being.
I am open, I am open, I am open.
That I may achieve my full potential in this lifetime,
Let pure cosmic creative information flow freely through this being.

I am the Mother,
I am your Tree,
I am the Deva
Of Humanity.

Open your heart
Free your mind
Sing this to me
For all Mankind.

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