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From the Soul of 'This Being'

Affirmation for when we feel hemmed in and that the world is out of control.

“I am open

This is open


Infinite expansion

In this space

All that is left is love.


In this way I watch the world unfold around me and through me

And I am fine in this open space

And that we have no say in our experiences.


And know it to be free from all our identifications in this open and liberated space.

We have no standpoint

No positions

And no views.


We simply watch it all

And this space is right at the centre of all our being

We share it in common

It is the only space we fully share

And it is free of everything

Except unconditional love.


Don’t take my word for it

See it for yourself.


It can be described to you

A way can be pointed out

But to know it

You have to do it yourself

And then you will know

This profound place of stillness reveals your true inner light -

Which is love.


That is the infinite unbounded heart

Liberated from the moments of thoughts

Words and deeds

Visit it often is my suggestion.”


This is Dharma at its core - the quality of Buddha Nature.


Spoken by the Soul of 'This Being' ~ 15 November 2023

I am Love

This Spirit, This Being - speaking through his heart:

This Being is empty and is a vessel that is full and endlessly overflows with love, endlessly, infinitely, abundantly flows.

For my cup overflows with the love of the ALL in its perfection around me, with me and through me.



As you send out the love it flows back in from all sides. It is reciprocal.

Once you have raised yourself to a state of full receptive appreciation of all that is, as it is, within and without and thus becomes a current that fills you up, so you can continue to pour it out.

You pour it out and it fills back up and overflows abundantly.


It is abundant appreciation

It is abundant, boundless gratitude

It is abundant love in all directions.


For everything, simply just as it is right now- perfect.

This state, this frequency may require some work of letting go

And when you are ready and judgement has gone completely from your life - for this moment you know bliss and freedom.


So practice acceptance daily.

Learn to accept, allow, release and let go of literally everything

So that you cup becomes empty and that Great Spirit can enter

And then you will be filled with the Divine Light of your pure self

And abundant gratitude will fill your life with bliss.


This rare state may take quite some work to cultivate or if you embrace letting go completely it may be known in an instant.”


'This Being’s' Higher Self  ~ 23 November 2023

Words to the Infinite Heart of Mankind from Green Tara

To the infinite heart that has no bounds, and to those who have discarded it:


“Freedom from suffering is limitless.

Although pain and confusion may still occur

The boundless heart will experience these

As passing moments in the infinite ocean of BEING.


Such movements are like

The tidal ebbs and flows

That we call mood.


So listen carefully

In to the depths of your heart

And with time you will notice

It has no limits

No edges

No boundaries

And is resilient

Beyond all understanding.”


Green Tara - Channelled by 'This Being' ~15 November 2023

Infinite Heart

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