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What is the 'Deva of Humanity?' “Who and what is the source of this vibration so deep within me and yet also from far below my feet?"

Tuning into These Questions

At that time I had no idea why these questions arose in me or even what the second one meant and why seemed so important, at first I didn’t even connect the two queries, the second one still being far less clearly formed or understood in my mind until sometime later, other than that the questions were spontaneous, they came from within me, from my intuitive faculty?


Over time I became better tuned into the frequency I started to feel an urge growing in me to know the source that I felt more and more strongly to a being- something or someone, (if indeed it was Her/Him or It). With time I was able to observe the two questions becoming more connected, really they seemed to be the same query.


If this intuition was right began to wonder if perhaps some of the unanswered questions regarding some unanswered irregularities in our human history and diverse nature of our species and murky aspects of origins and behaviour, not least of all our pursuit of a belief in separation from all other life and even the Earth itself and our pathological drive to damage, destroy and harm others... as well as yet unexplained aspects of our lost history.


Perhaps even our collective ‘purpose’ maybe become better understood if we could connect with Humanity’s own Devic representative. Was this her voice somehow reaching up to me? Certainly, these profound questions were not just my own, most of us ponder them at some time or another and I’m sure they had been rattling around in my inquisitive psyche since I was young.


So eventually I plucked up the courage and put it out there, energetically and literally (although not to any other human being yet at that time). I broadcasted loud and clear on the inner psychic airwaves with my inner voice, a message back down towards the source of the lament —

“Who are you?"

"Where are you?

Can I be of help?

Please show me who you are.”

Answers that Came in Dreamtime

Over the next year or more I got very little back yet the song remained the same. I occasionally repeated the call out above. Eventually, all I did receive was a sequence of short but clear dreams, that I wasn’t sure was even connected, although they all did have a strong signature feeling about them:

  • Dream 1 - A wide rocky valley stretched out before me as far as my dream eyes could see. The hot sun shone over a semi-arid scene of tall brown grass and the irregular smattering of flat-canopied trees. It felt harshly dry. I somehow knew there were predatorial big cats in the area. In amongst the huge rocks of the valley’s high ground, I saw what I reckoned was a small family group, 5 in total of upright standing ape-like creatures taller than chimpanzees, not so heavy set, skinny even with fur, much lighter in colour than a chimp, matching the buff browns of the surrounding tundra.
rocky vally dream 1&2

Huddled fairly close together two of them were using smooth round riverbed stones as tools to pulverise something. There were several long sharp sticks (like spears) leaning up against the rock wall of their safe place. A loud, big cat roar sounded in the near distance. They all looked up as one and grabbed for their sticks…

Throughout the sequence, I was a third party— ‘bird flying over’ type of observer, it was a very clear sequence but not a lucid dream. I got the sense that these creatures were dying out, perhaps these were the last of them, as I awoke I remember this made me feel sad; a kind of loss.

A few nights, perhaps a week or so later...

  • Dream 2 - I was transported back to the same scenery. I looked around for a while to try and find the hominid creatures whom I knew should be here as this was just like their place. Although I flew all around the vast valley and I saw all manner of unusual creatures including some really huge cats, and other unfamiliar predatorial-looking beasts, the ape people were nowhere to be seen. I was then drawn to a clear scene of sun-bleached bones in amongst a craggy rock formation, I recognised amongst them a human-like skull.

    Was this the answer to my concerns about whether or not they survived?

Quite some time later - months not years I had a third dream that I had also journaled and associated with this same sequence.

  • Dream 3 - As I entered the dream- a quite different dream landscape I recognised that there was a connection which alerted me somehow and I became quite lucid. I decided to not interfere with what was occurring, just observe. The landscape seemed somehow similar, yet also different, I recognised from the rocks and distant mountains the same topography again, but much more verdant and more trees. A large river glistened in the far distance. There were a few patches of what I took for rudimentary crops of golden grain or seed of some sort. I could also see date palms and other fruit trees dotted around. The scene was beautiful indeed like paradise. Dotted into this scene were stone structures, buildings more like temples or community meeting places. Dusty tracks connected areas together. Animals had obviously been domesticated- goats and large horned cattle.

    Another group of bipedal beings, more evolutionary advanced than the previous were shown to me in the dream, they were using tools and being sociable and relaxed; they had shaped stones and more advanced wooden implements for digging or hunting, and they also had formed very simple clay pots and where cooking on an open fire.

As I flew around above the valley looking at various scenes of a rudimentary civilisation I could see what appeared to be various different races or tribes of people. There appeared to be a diverse and cosmopolitan network of families or small tribal groups living peacefully together some more evolved-looking than others. Despite their radically different racial appearances, they all looked healthy and although for the most part naked, were taller than the earlier hominids.

The most noticeable thing about the scene was the vastly differing look of the races - face, head shapes skin colour and body types, and sizes differed radically between different groups, but they were all living within the valley together, coming together at these stone temple structures and living in peace. I got an overwhelming sense of acceptance, and collaboration between all the groups, this was a peaceful, pastoral scene. There was plenty of space here for all. They all looked somehow confident and acted as though they were familiar, safe and unthreatening, together in this place.

This was a much more pleasant even utopian scene, I felt it was the same area or close by to the first dreams and I also sensed (wishful thinking?) that some of these tribes could be the ancestors of the original hominids in the first dream. Had they survived and evolved with the changing climate and terrain? I didn’t know exactly how long a time had elapsed but I sensed it was aeons - hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps more, the place was very different looking.

dream 3

There was a great feeling of warmth peace and abundance in this scene, a kind of golden age.

From the time of these first ‘Ancestor’ dreams, other seemingly similar (but usually lacking that lucidity) dream events occurred. Such scenes peppered themselves in amongst my regular dreaming.

My dreaming narratives also changed, all my dreams (which I journaled at the time) took on a very different and perplexing quality. They all had the same theme, only the scenery and the characters changed- I was on the run trying to get away from an unseen hidden adversary. I knew the pursuer as my invisible but horrific captor always hot on my heels. never far behind ever closing in on me, either in a town or village that I had just left, or a street or two away from the house I ended up escaping through, or in the corridor or passageway I had just exited. They or it remained unseen but pursued me relentlessly through every single dream that I remembered, for a long period of time.


Being on the run from this formless shadowy tormentor was actually not new to me. It was a reminiscent theme that I had previously occasionally experienced many years prior as a young child. Those dreams took the more ominous form of nightmares and night terrors- in which sometimes if I wasn’t able to fly away or wake myself up I was actually captured by a tall dark malevolent pursuer who then proceeded to squeeze my life from me with both its large strong hands grabbing me from behind around the torso as I tried to run away through treacle. Its sharp nailed thumbs dug deep into the small of my back, into my kidneys. I would wake up, with an arched back, sweating heavily or even screaming.

The recent dreams on the other hand although disturbing were not so nightmarish. They had distinct differences from the childhood ones; in these ones, I was also looking or searching for something very important myself. Making these dreams a strange combination of simultaneously being pursued by an unknown Nemesis and yet also pursuing something vital myself.

I would always escape capture and knew even whilst in the dream itself (because they happened most nights) that this would pan out as it always did, and so dream-fear gave way to acceptance and even occasional enjoyment and excitement, sometimes lucidity. The chaser and my own object of pursuit were never revealed, but I didn’t mind. After a while, I started to feel a bit trapped in a kind of “Groundhog Day” situation, but accepted it and trusted that when the time was right a shift would happen and more would be revealed.

I won’t go into any detail of interpretation at the time of these reoccurring dreams, Jungian representation of shadow aspects and other archetypes - these probably weren’t too far from the truth at the basic level of psychological interpretation…

At the time I had no clear answers and certainly nothing to imply any deeper significance…

After a couple of years of this repeated theme dreaming, by about 2013-14 the continual flow abated. This was quite likely in no small part due to the simple fact that my partner and I became extraordinarily busy with the very practical and physical mission for the next few years.

Then in 2018, an extraordinary and shocking experience happened whilst I was on a month’s solitary and silent retreat at a local Buddhist centre, during an extended period of day-long, sitting practice, qi gong, yoga and a very simple vegetarian diet. My dream life rekindled with an intensity I had never had before. Lucidity came quite easily as also had a couple of out-of-body experiences. So I continued my practice in Dreamtime.

One night I set the intention to ask to meet my ‘higher self’ (whatever that may be) or main spirit guide. ‘Expect the unexpected’ a mentor once said to me many years prior and it has served me as a good approach for all things liminal when one has consciously embarked on a spiritual path. One particular lucid dream certainly validated that!

  • Dream 4 - I found myself walking along a beautiful section of the Cornish coast, alone (not an unusual thing for me in my dreams as I had lived there for many years and have maternal Cornish ancestry). I came down the coastal path to a very typical small fishing village, the kind that is dotted along the entire rugged Cornish coastline. A dog was swimming in an odd manner in the harbour. I suddenly recognised I was in a dream, “Stabilise this lucidity” I declared out loud, someone looked at me quizzically which was a funny thing in a dream. “I wish to meet my Highest Guide”, I quickly added addressing the dreamscape in general. As I passed a silver high-sided panel van, parked next to the harbour the back doors swung open, a woman stepped out and indicated to me, saying- “He’s in here”. I stepped up inside and on a pile of cushions and bedding sat a young child (about 5 or 6 years old).

cornish coastdream 4

You are looking for The Mother?” he said.  I turned to look out the door I had just entered by.
“Not her.” - meaning the woman who introduced me, “The Mother of Mankind.”
Initially perplexed I sensed he must have read my mind or my face — “Keep looking — so She can see you.”

At this point, the dream faded and I didn’t get the chance to ask him any of the questions that I had primed myself with, all I did have was this alluring and somewhat cryptic clue.

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