Moving From Persistent Suffering to Unity

"When you know peace my child, it is because you know chaos also.” — Paranathia

Question - “What can we do if we have already diligently carried out all the practices to become ONE

and we are still finding ourselves with a pattern of tortured self-loathing?

What exactly can we do to be free of this?”

“The question is about suffering, a specific kind of suffering is indicated - a profound dislike of the self, and the question is about the practice and why, even after much practice, the suffering still continues. And the question asks how does one move from the experience of persistent suffering to and experience of Unity.
Whatever is being experienced, whatever shape or form -
Be it pleasure or be it pain.
Be it confusion or be it understanding.
Be it movement or be it stillness.
Be it contracted or be it expanded.
Be it what you want or be it what you don’t want.
Be it right or wrong, day or night, (of the soul).
Harmony or chaos.
There is no escape from Unity.
There is no avoidance of Unity.

There is no missing or exclusion from Unity. For within Unity is everything - ‘good’, ‘bad’ and neutral. And within Unity, there is also No- thing, NOTHING. Nothing, no thing at all. Because nothing is an idea and everything is an idea and even Unity is an idea.
All such ideas- the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the neutral are held perfectly within the ALL - suffering and peace are included in the ALL. Unity is described as an idea that is everything and of course nothing. You are not separate from this. You and I and all that we see and know and experience are inherently Unified, including feelings and beliefs of individuality and separateness, suffering and pain, beauty and pleasure. Everything is included in the ONE thing. It is not possible to stand alone and be separate from it, even if you feel and believe that you are.
There is only ONE thing.
This is it.

So from time to time, it is absolutely within the infinite that we call Unity, for a part of that to experience a sense of separateness and as the moment continues to perpetually unfold change will occur.
It is perfectly ‘normal’ from moment to moment to experience all manner of diverse feelings and thoughts, to become lost in the unfoldment, in the continual blossoming and changing of the experiences. You may come to a sense of expansion which allows moments to unfold granting you a wide range of potential experiences and all the while recognising that each moment is both continually changing and yet is also perfect stillness.

My suggestion is this - come back time and time again to spend a while in quietude until this quality of stillness and movement becomes one.

If you practice you will become free of forgetting and becoming lost. Simply by getting good at watching each moment unfold and to help you to do this take these words and hold them in your heart:

Not once, are you ever not held by Great Spirit, the All
Unity has you, always.
Even when you forget it yourself.
You are always full, complete and unified.
And it is absolutely part of that to sometimes forget it.

The reason why humans repeatedly feel confused and then feel that they know and confusion is dispelled and then later they feel confused again, is because they have become deeply preoccupied with thinking and then giving great weight and meaning to the thoughts. This is part of the precious and beautiful unfoldment of the human experience. The deepest sadness, the most profound loss, pain and suffering are absolutely, perfectly appropriate. They are not right or wrong. All human experience is valid and has great energy. It is all expressions of spirit and a significant reason why suffering continues to be experienced is because of the huge value of experiences.

Of course, for suffering to take on a different quality or meaning in your life comes from growing bigger than the suffering experience, and you cannot grow bigger unless you have experience. Suffering is not’ bad’ or ‘wrong’, and you are bigger than the suffering. They are moments which enable the depth, width and expansion of the individual to ultimately remember the Unity of ALL, and the reason why suffering continues to be experienced and shared is because it is needed. And when it is no longer needed it will no longer be experienced in such a personal way, and at this point, individuality is released and Unification is once again remembered.
Use experiences of suffering as they are intended to be used - for growth and expansion, until you go beyond ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, ‘good’ and ‘bad’, ‘light’ and ‘dark’, want and reject. And this is the promise - at the heart of all these experiences, each moment, balance, equanimity, centeredness, in the middle of all the movement - is empty and still.

Until then, enjoy and don’t enjoy.

When you know peace, my child, it is because you know chaos also.”


Message by Paranathia - 12 Janurary 2024

Channelled by this Being – 5 December 2023

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