Nature IS

"Find yourself through the practice of Being with Mother Earth. — Paranathia

"“There are many challenges of the human psyche, there are many pitfalls along the path to freedom.

There is much grasping, desperation and imbalances along this journey. 

When you sit and let Mother Earth cradle you and allow all the mire to drop away, you sit in your true brilliance of potential, for it has no agenda. There is just one pure and natural space that humans have been given to find their own inner light. 

Ask yourself- “how do I feel when I go into a wild space, a space free and uncluttered by distortions of truth?” 

For Nature IS. 

By Being in Nature, the potential for your own clarity of presence can be nurtured. Foster a regular practice of Being in and with Mother Earth, she gives you unconditional love. 

Observe your heart as you undertake this practice. 

Observe how much this practice in Nature blends into your daily life over time. This is a beautiful and gradual heart opening to the unconditional heart; the mind will then follow. 

Everything you need is already here, as am I, my dear Children. 

As you deepen into this practice, your awareness of me can expand. 

Message by Paranathia - 26 Janurary 2024

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua – 23 January 2024

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