Observing the Mechanisms of Thoughts and Feelings

In response to this Question: "What is the relationship between our thoughts and our feelings, which you, (Lisette) have defined as a bubble or blister around the heart?"

Question: "What is the relationship between our thoughts and our feelings?"

(Which can be defined as a bubble or blister around the heart.)

In response to how Lisette was feeling after puja, as observed by This Being.

"In creating the human energy form upon which the scaffold or framework of the human being, a major energy component is the human mind and another major energy component is the human heart. It is the relationship between the mind and thoughts and the heart, which creates the paradox of liberation and imprisonment simultaneously. The human mind is very complex and uses language and concepts to enable the individual being to navigate existence.

The two tools of the heart and mind can work together to benefit the individual being and society around them or to their detriment.

Over the last several 1000 years of the human journey and the souls' evolution through the medium of human existence, those tools have become predominantly misused and thus the human condition has become one of suffering and the creation of suffering in others; inadvertently becoming the weapons of pain, and all this happens inadvertently. The individual human is completely unaware of the chaos that is perpetuated throughout society- at the level of the collective and the individual.

What has happened?

We have talked of the Fall and this Fall is a fall into confusion. The entire human race (with but a few exceptions, such as indigenous cultures) has lost touch with the bigger picture by falling into the collective belief of separate identity.

The 2 tools of mind and heart have become abused and utilised to uphold the wrong belief of individuality and separateness. Thought choices, (for whether it is recognised or not, they are choices), are influenced by society, family and culture - unwittingly we choose to follow what we are led to believe is real and how this works mechanically is clear if you take the time to observe.

But for simplicity and ease of communicating the idea, the concept, we will separate thoughts and feelings which will enable us to see the mechanism and how we have become imprisoned in the perpetuation of inner suffering and the spreading of suffering.

A thought arises – I strongly recommend if you are ready that you give considerable effort into observing this.

A thought arises, as it arises it comes into the field of the heart because the heart and the mind are connected.

Observe it as it arises - this can take some time to become proficient. (There are a number of practices available to help – mindfulness is one.)

As the thought arises it is immediately in the field of the heart because the heart and mind are not separate, they are part of the same energy field of the individual being.

Thought is a concept comprised of language - words and ideas. Now in the field of the heart, the thought gathers energy because a feeling is provoked by the thought.

The feeling may be positive - a thought that is liked, or a different thought may illicit dislike and pain. The thought is now enmeshed with a feeling and is empowered by that. You will observe that this is the nature of identification and we, as individual beings, build up a sense of self through thoughts that we either like or dislike - painful thoughts or pleasurable thoughts.

Either way, they go into ‘the bag’ and are the elements, traits and beliefs around which the self. is defined.

Modern human psychology defines this as ‘the ego’ and it does not matter whether the thought elicits pleasure or pain of an emotional kind, they are all in ‘the bag’ that defines this individual – ‘my likes, my dislikes’, and in the middle the things that I neither like nor dislike much.

These thoughts and emotions form and become in time defining, encrusted and rigid, when this happens a shell is formed around the heart.

It is enough now to be aware of this mechanism and if the individual is serious about their evolutionary journey to recognise their own involvement in this, it is enough. Certainly initially, to approach this understanding with observation and to see how one's self has become trapped in a world created through our beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

It is enough to observe this process without judgment.

It is enough to observe how everything we believe is our self/ourselves is actually thought emboldened by the power of emotions.

As we do this and see how we have fallen into this mechanism, we will grow in compassion and understanding of our own evolution and that the exact same mechanism is present in others.

It is enough to observe this with the intention of not judging it. Later we can look at how to reclaim the tools of the heart and the mind for them to be used as they were intended by Great Spirit in the great blueprint of the human experiment.

For now, undertake observing of this mechanism:
Thoughts arise, they are immediately in the field of the heart.
Feelings around the thought embolden and empower that thought.
It is put in ‘the bag’ to be visited again and again and a belief is upheld.

Watch this.

Watch yourself doing this.

But watch yourself without judgment.

That is enough.

Be at peace, my children.

This is simply the first stage of the Great Work.

I am with you.”

Message by Paranathia - 27 August 2023

Channelled by This Being on 10 August 2023

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