Only In This Moment

"Be in the NOW." - Paranthia & The Rainbow Tara

"All the love light from our intention shines through our very existence

and the way that we most effectively embody the will of the Universe and the light of Great Spirit is when we drop our agendas and narratives, when we drop our restrictive beliefs. And for this moment, only this moment, we sit in presence without being drawn into our dramas.
In THIS moment, when we cease bringing up the past, projecting into the future or paying attention to concepts of any sort - this pure clear moment, just as it is. Only then can the truth be felt and known.
So spend your time wisely and invest in time where you stay present and cease the stories of past influences or projecting plans of the future, and simply, only, BE in the NOW.
Nameless, concept-less awareness.
All else perpetuates the deluded illusion of the dream. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that living in the deluded dream of influences and projections is somehow wrong, there is nothing wrong with any of it, there is just potential.
The potential of evolution, of growth, of expansion, or constriction and the potential of balance. It is all in a continual flux.
Stillness and presence or drama and narratives are choices that we make, consciously or unconsciously.

So when do you finally see the confusion and the chaos it will be because you have seen the choices that you and others continue to make by upholding your strongly held personal beliefs about how things are. And yes, you will know without a doubt that your continual investment in upholding your personal narratives and beliefs at all levels takes much effort, thus diminishing the flow through your life, your being. And at this moment you will notice a sea change in your priorities and you will mature in your path to the stage you can describe as complete surrender.
You will know that which identifies as an individual being, a personality with a name is simply unable to release itself and thus the journey of awakening and humility will have begun.

It is just the beginning of the path to freedom and until this occurs you will be overpowered by distractions and the strong attachment you have to your narrative as an individual persona.
When this happens you will know without a doubt and your priorities in life will shift.

You will have a choice to make.

Message from Paranthia & The Rainbow Tara - 24 May 2024

Channelled by this Being – 29 Feburary 2024

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