A poem inspired by Paranathia, created through Lisette De Pachua

Open your eyes to see inside

All the confusion that we can hide
From all those around us
But mostly ourselves
Into the illusion we can delve.

Open your heart to feel again
All the sorrow and all the pain
That we do carry deep within
Accept and release so you may begin
To lighten your soul, so you can sing.

Open your mind to everything
To all possibilities, to let it all in
Set aside all your fears, all doubts and woe
And see where this takes you
Where does it go?

With open eyes and open heart
It’s time to be ONE with this new start
To step on your path of authentic flow
Calling to the Universe so you may show
The illuminated being that you truly are
This is the journey, and you have come far.

Message for Paranthia 14 June 2024

Created through Lisette De Pachua – 12 June 2024

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