Question - "How Do We Open Our Hearts Fully?"

To have an unbound heart - to be of best service.

"Let the heart speak up, let the mind be quiet.

Shine the light of your compassionate heart out to all that is in front of you, what ever that is.


Whatever it is, without judgement.

For discernment, choice and all forms of bias and decision-making are aspects of the mind and the busy, noisy mind overrules the heart so often.

The hearts natural place is to shine Great Spirit's unconditional love in all directions; to all existence, to all phenomena, to all experiences, to all beings.

There is time and this is the time to let that aspect of yourself, to let that true quality of your nature and the unconditional loving heart be free from the judgements of the mind and its propensity to choose right and wrong.

The only quality the mind needs to adapt is Faith in the Universal healing quality of the unbound heart.

Meditate on Faith - on the quality of complete relinquishment of your open unconditional and loving heart. Let the heart be freed from the mind and use the key of Faith to do this.

Pure trust in a loving heart is the ultimate form of healing.

Still the mind, have Faith in the heart and be with this time and time again until your heart is free to love openly, and unconditionally. Radient lovelight will then pour through your being and you will be a vehicle for healing the world once the mind is still and quiet enough.

You will see that this unbound heart is not frail or vulnerable at all and does not need to be protected, it just needs encouragement, to be allowed, to be enabled, to be fully open and to let the lovelight of Great Spirit shine through for all of creation."

Message by Paranathia, 8 March 2024

Channelled by this Being– 19 February 2024

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