Paranathia and the Unified Voice of the Indigenous Ancestors

"The Day and the Night, The Wrong and the Right, The Black and the White, Within and Without. It is this we reunite." — Paranathia & The Unified Voice of the Indigenous Ancestors

Paranathia and the unified voice of the indigenous ancestors (past, present and future)

"Out of the murky depths of our minds and hearts comes something that we placed there a long time ago and we had forgotten that we had put it there. But it continues to rise up and affect all our lives - it is called FEAR and it has created our belief and sense of separation.

Separation from each other.

Separation from the plants, animals, sky, rivers, oceans and Earth.

Separation from the Moon, the Sun and the stars.

We feel as though all these things are something else outside of each other, and it is not until we are ready to look within and see how this fear causes all our wars,
With each other.
With nature,
And even internally, with ourselves.

This fear that we each placed within ourselves and encourage others to do the same, must be brought out into the light, seen by each of us as individuals and all of us as a collective. Once seen, recognised, acknowledged the darkness that is fear may become and integrated.

This is the process of alchemy and this is at the heart of humanity's next evolutionary step if we are to become our greatest potential.

By undertaking this alchemical work of combining the light and the dark within, we will free ourselves up from the current state of stagnation that is holding us down and preventing our evolution. It is a key part of the Universal Great Plan of Life.

So, let us recognise our potential by peering inwards to our darkest shadowy selves.

Let the light of our conscious awareness shine upon and blend with the dark within."

This was the combined message of The DoH with 'The Voice of The Earth', represented by your own indigenous nature.


This Being -

"They are bringing us together, They are showing us the way. The greatest portal into the hearts and minds of humanity is through the indigenous nature within us all."

How do I do this?

"Spend time in nature, in mountains, forests, in rivers and seas.

Spend time in nature alone or with others, but consciously connect to the Earth in a natural space wherever there are trees, water, sky, earth illuminated by the Sun, the Moon, the stars and your own presence."

Message by Paranathia - 11 September 2023

Channelled by This Being on 2 September 2023

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