“What Do We Know Of Peace, Love and Harmony?

“What is the feeling that is elicited with these words?." — Paranathia

"Where do you feel peace in your body?

Take a moment.

Take a breath, and deepen into this focus.

Take as long as you need.

Does the word peace bring about ‘peace’ in your mind?
Do you feel connected to it in your body?
Is it localised to one area or does it spread throughout your whole system?
Recognise the frequency of this energy and remember it.

Once you feel you are completely saturated with this frequency of peace, then you can open out like a flower blossoming.
With the purest intention send peace out unconditionally to ALL beings.

When you have become proficient in this practice then move onto the words of Love and Harmony and repeat the process until you are proficient with all three intentions for the highest benefit of all beings.
It is when you are at this level that you may call upon me and you may call upon the Angel of Peace to amplify this intention.
We can work with you most effectively when you have reached this frequency.

This practice amplifies these qualities in you in your everyday life.
Like a ripple in a still pond - you are the pebble.

Your thoughts and intentions have a great effects which is why it is vital to be as mindful as possible at all times.
Please use this practice as part of the deepening into mindfulness and see your own Peace, Love and Harmony blossom and grow.

Thank you for you nurturing love.
I am with you.
The Angel of Peace is with you
So please feel us with you in your stillness.


Message by Paranathia, 1 March 2024

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua – 24 February 2024

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