Prayers & Blessings

A Prayer to the Angel of Peace

Angel of Peace,

We call to you,

We reach out to you.


Angel of Peace,

With open hearts we invite you into our lives and we ask you to through us.

Use us, please use us as magnifying lenses to radiate out your Divine qualities into the world and into the very depths of each of us.


We thank you most precious and beloved Angel of Peace,

For shining your pure clear heartfelt radiance in to our lives,

And in return we commit ourselves fully to being emissaries, representatives, carriers of your healing radiance.


Thank you,

Thank you,

Thank you.


Message from the Combination of the Rainbow Taras, Paranathia and the Soul of 'This Being' ~ 19 November 2023


Angel of peace

A Prayer from Paranathia & Mother Mary

 “May all beings know the bliss and tranquillity of the open heart as it sings in harmony with all of creation.

As the heart, this heart, this ONE Unified heart field of all beings, of all creation.


Raised up and singing for the pure joy of being

I am grateful to the ALL

For the simple act of Being



Thank you.


Let us all know this sense of rejoice, for it is in the Hallelujah of existence that we are all ONE and dwell in this one home called Spirit, or the Unified field or the ALL.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Thank this

Thank that

Thank myself

Thank the ALL.


Let our hearts feel profound gratitude and love, which can only come form the recognition of the perfection of everything as it is.

It is perfect

I am perfect just as I am

Just as it all is

Beautiful perfection.


Stay with that in your heart

In this heart

And know the elation of clarity

It is a rarefied, high vibrational expression of appreciation of everything, within and without.


Just as it is

Just as it is


Thank you.”



Paranathia & Mother Mary

Channelled by 'This Being' ~ 23 November 2023

A Prayer Inspired by Buddha Nature

“Hear our prayer of Unity

Use our love and our power of synchronicity

To bring about the full awakening

Of the collective consciousness of Mankind

And let the light of that awakening

Be so powerful

That it pierces through the darkness

And fear of separation in every single corner

Of each heart and mind

Of the entirety of the Human species

That each and every one of us

Is illuminated in the magical glow

As we all remember

And are transformed

Into our highest potential.


As a global, unified community


Brothers and sisters of Humanity

With the common goal of good for all

As our personal and collective motivation.


Every single last one of us.


Let the barriers that have held us apart

Let the barriers of belief and deception

Be completely dissolved

As we recognise our unification with everything

The whole planet

And everything upon it

The whole cosmos

And everything within it

And let us all reside in that knowledge


And peace.


I give this prayer wholeheartedly and completely up to Paranathia, Deva Tree of Humanity.

And the laws of synchronicity, serendipity, great and good fortune, provenance and abundance

In the name of the ONE love – Great Spirit.


So be it

And it is SO.


I ask this to all who are listening

Whoever you are and whatever you do

I give thanks to all who can hear this prayer

To Great Spirit

To the realms of light

Devas, Angels and Ascended ones

To the Lords of Karma

And the archetypal forces at play throughout the universe

And to myself

My innermost, private, secret, hidden self

For that is the great work

With ourselves

Our families, our communities and the world.


And this is the only thought that deeply matters

And so I will busy myself with what this thought initiates around me.


Love to all the world at every level

Full, complete Unity is NOW

Full and total unification is HERE

Full and absolute interconnectedness IS THIS BEING

In this moment


Amen, Blessed Be.”


A prayer from the Soul of 'This Being' inspired by Buddha nature.
28 November 2023


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