Questions About Purpose

"A question that moves in the minds of many of my children.

This is a great time - you stand on the threshold. All the answers to that which you seek will be revealed when the time is right and you are ready.” - Paranathia

"Questions regarding purpose -

Why am I here?
What am I meant to do?
How do I discover my purpose?

If you find yourself with this enquiry perhaps this message can be of some help.
If you have come to this place in your life journey where you sense that there is something else to do, for you to be, for you to discover - something which is outside and beyond that which family and society have offered to you.
You may feel lost.
You may feel confused.
Perhaps you feel sad, frustrated or just simply inquisitive with a sense that you know there is something more for you in your life you may have as yet not found or experienced. Perhaps you have some inkling of what that may be, but seek guidance, direction and pointers along your path from where you stand now. Or perhaps you don’t yet consciously recognise what that is, yet you feel that is of great importance.

Perhaps you have questioned many things about your life and what humanity is doing. Perhaps you sense or know deeply that there is something more…for greater or of more importance for you to do and perhaps you feel a calling deep in your heart to do something to fill your life with a fulfilling, meaningful purpose for yourself and for your species, and even the Earth and all life upon her.
You have realised the importance of service, but you don’t fully know or understand what service it is that you are here for.

It is a common human habit in this day and age to overthink, over-analyse and generate the qualities or the mood of frustration or the mood of confusion, or even the mood of the sense of the feeling of loss - being lost. Such moods, although understandable, lead an individual into a time of doubt or a time of stagnation. If you feel confusion or doubt or stagnation, or loss and sadness, I affirm to you that feelings are appropriate, indeed they are necessary. When energy becomes stagnant or stuck, when we experience inertia - this is a great sign. Although it doesn’t feel like it, it is a sign that something deep inside you, call it your subconscious, or even your soul, is reaching through the layers of delusion - the veil of delusion, and is tapping you on the shoulder.

You were perfectly made for this moment and you are equipped with all the tools that you need to take the next vital steps. At this stage, you may not have any sense of a taste or a smell of freedom. Possibly it is the last thing on your mind at the level of consciousness, however, at the far more refined levels of your being, the levels where you already profoundly know - it is exactly this impulse - the call of freedom to which you are now beginning to respond. Perhaps your analytical mind cannot level or associate being in service - life’s purpose and profound liberation.

Nevertheless, this is exactly what is written on the door which you now stand in front of. Your purpose, your tailor-made, individual purpose. That which you came here in this lifetime to carry out, pursue and enable to unfold is written in the energetic layers of your being, and thus your purpose itself forms you and beckons you to consciously engage in.
So far along your life’s path, there have been events, clues, cues that take the form of synchronistic happenings, flags waving along the way, and signposts. But perhaps such moments have not always been recognised, or if recognised, ignored or not taken seriously, and opportunities have come and gone to which you could have responded, but for whatever reason you have moved on.

Now is the time for you to heed such signs -
They may occur in dreams.
They may occur in synchronistic happenings in your life.
They may occur in intuitions or feelings.
They may occur in conversations or interactions with humans, animals, plants, rocks, and the elements -rivers, mountains, oceans, and forests.

Such signs may initially seem subtle. Know that the Universe, at the more subtle aspects of yourself: soul, energy body, heart space, and of course your body Deva or me, your Deva Mother.

This is a great time - you stand on the threshold, and all the answers to that which you seek will be revealed when the time is right and you are ready, indeed within you written so to speak within your energetic matrix are the answers to the questions:
What am I here for?
Do I have a purpose?
What is my purpose?

There will be guides to help you on your way and there will be tricksters who love to play. Guides and tricksters alike are all part of the journey of learning and growing.
Know that the greatest guide you have as well as the most mischievous trickster are aspects of yourself.

Become familiar with yourself.
Be open and inquisitive.

With a light heart, ask yourself-
⁃ What am I?
⁃ What is this experience called life?
⁃ Why am I here?
Ask it as a question with deep earnestness.
Really ask the question, and release it….release it completely into the Universe, send it with a package of unconditional love, let it go.
It is your message in a bottle.
Release it into the infinite Universe and wait to see what comes back.
Wait with unerring patience.
Have faith that everything is in place and all is exactly as it should be.

Find peace in this
You are already on the path."

Message by Paranathia -5 January 2024

Channelled by This Being on 17 December 2023

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