Remember Your Indigenous Nature

Buzzards Wing, working with Paranathia in reuniting the hearts and minds of mankind through remembering and connecting to the oldest and wisest of the stewards of the Earth. — This Being

"Remember your indigenous nature

Remember your connection to the ancestors.
Remember your perfection as a being of the Earth.
Remember your indigenous nature includes all the flaws, problems and challenges of your life.
For these too are your perfection.

All of the challenges and all of the difficulties that you face from day to day, these are all part of the natural processes of perfection.

You are perfect.
Remember you are perfect and this life is a journey of remembering that.

So remember your connection to everything, for you are not separate in any way.

This is what is meant by - remember your indigenous nature.

For nature is you and your indigenous ways.
You have not lost it.
You are a natural being.
Remember this.

Look to the wise ones from all the old cultures.
Listen to your elders, the ones who speak wisely, and you will know this for their words will inspire you to be connected to everything, to remember that you are connected to everything.
So remembering your indigenous nature is a journey for all of us in our healing, individually and as a species, together.
This is our journey.

We are all indigenous to Mother Earth, Father Sun, Sister Moon and the Great Cosmic cycles."

Message by Buzzards Wing working with Paranathia - 6 October 2023

Channelled by This Being on 17 September 2023

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