Separation of Consciousness within the Species of Humanity

"This is a question of several parts, it is actually several questions." — Paranathia

Question: "Will humanity split up in terms of consciousness over a longer period of time or will it stay together?

If it splits up, will the people who work on themselves remain, or will the people who 'tend to persevere' and want to be led?"

"This is a question of several parts, it is actually several questions. The question talks about separation of consciousness within the species of humanity.

Consciousness is like a prism – a pure crystalline structure through which the pure light of awareness refracted, and it is refracted in a very complex manner. It is a simple prism, it has a myriad of faces through which the pure light of awareness comes into. It has no thoughts or agendas , it has no beliefs or narratives or any of those things you may talk about in the mental realms of your mind activity.

Pure awareness is non-duality; it is clear awareness, undivided, pure, simple and just aware.

You could describe this as the Divine light of Spirit.

This is the purest state of your being. It is then refracted in the process of consciousness through a billion, billion minds and not just the minds of animals or even the consciousness you call the plant kingdom. It includes the consciousness of all manifestation: minerals, gases liquids. It manifests in all the different realms and dimensions in an unknowable amount of forms and shapes. You as an individual can only imagine what the consciousness of a rock, or a blade of grass or a satellite or a grain of sand or a river may feel like.

Yet all of it has one source – pure awareness.

In that prism of consciousness there is a centre or a nexus, a heart, where pure awareness is refracted in all these different directions, dimensions, manifestations of the individual aspects that you call the known and the unknown Universe.

The humanity ‘splitting or dividing’ of which you talk is apparent right now, and if that is where you choose to be focussing your attention you can see it, it is apparent.

There are as many way that pure awareness expresses itself through the consciousness of individual people, as there are individual people, so at this level there is profound separation to be perceived. No two humans are in exactly the same dimension at this level. This is on the level of ultimate separation and at this level of consciousness everyone is aware of their unique individuality, due to an individuals experience and influences in their lifetime. They may be drawn into beliefs and stories or narratives of fear, loneliness, anger and these were separated experiences. They may be very focussed and be giving much or even all of their attention to this belief which may enable them to feel justified in behaving in ways where all there is is separateness, individuality and nothing more. It is very prevalent in the human race at this time.

The belief of separation at any level – be that the fearful individual or the fearful community or the fearful nation or the fearful religion, that upholds beliefs of separation that uphold beliefs that any element of humanity is separate, is valid at that limited level of perception, and so although valid the limited belief is a prison. It has walls and edges and is hard; it can be unyielding for those who uphold the belief of separation at any level.

Separation, individuation the belief of such things, the experience of such things is part of Great Spirit’s plan.

You as an individual experiencing separateness are part of Great Spirit’s plan, and we are in the realm of light, bring this plan into fruition.

There is a truth in the perception of painfully intimate individuation or separation.

You all experience that level of truth.

As you evolve as individuals some of these walls of separation will naturally drop away as you realise more and more your connection with each other, with everything, with the ALL and with Great Spirit.

If your heart yearns for Unity then respond by dropping the prison walls of judgement and belief in separation.

But know this – that whatever is happening is part of the Creator's Plan and that Plan is always adapting, changing and growing. It is a living working expression of which you are a ray of awareness light operating through the prism that you call consciousness and because your very centre is pure awareness at the very subtle most part of your being.

You are Divine and an active aspect of Great Spirit

If you wish to become free of your own and collective prison walls of beliefs and perceptions then practice stilling your mind and being present in the moment.

The more pure your consciousness becomes is defined by your ability to quieten and still the mind and be present in the eternal NOW.

This is a place with no judgement, it is timeless.

It is free of stories.

It is pure in its essence and it is the only place of power for you as an individual human experiencing existence.

It is the closest you are meant to get to being pure awareness – Great Spirit.

And so enjoy the journey of learning to do this as you deepen into it, you will see that this journey is shared, not just with every single human being but with all forms of expression in the known and unknown Universe.

Freedom and liberation is in the external NOW and with this you will know that the human race at this level is not, could not be divided. Visit this level of awareness and carry it with you always in your heart.

Visit stillness daily until it becomes the new pattern in your life and you will be less and less confused."

Message by Paranathia - 1 December 2023

Channelled by This Being on 27 November 2023

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