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A Heart Opening Song for the Evolution of Humanity

Let your heart open to this song bit by bit...


Evolutionof Humanity

“Oh friend, I hear your song
I feel your sadness
And sense of wrong

Please, my friend
Find in your heart
The key of love
To heal all parts

And with that key
The key of hope
Let it be blessed
With Faith and scope

The infinite
The life within
Release yourself
Let love begin
To melt away
The shroud of pain
There is no loss
But only gain

To loose the self
And free the mind
This is the stage
For all mankind
This stage is key
It opens doors
And sets you free
Forever more"

A Song Inspired by Unity

I am a being of the hills and the vales

I am a being of the roads and the trails

I am a being of the rivers and the seas

I am a being of the forest and the trees

I am a being of the Earth and the sky

I am a being of the creatures that fly

I am a being of the of the ground

I am a being but I make no sound.

I listen to it all

I am witness to the World

This heart fills with awe

As events unfold.

Spoken by the Soul of "This Being" – 11 October 2023

Inspired by unity
Rainbow Tara

Rainbow Tara Song/Poem

We are the Rainbow

We work as ONE

We will not rest

Till this work is done.

We are The Taras

Our Bodisatva vow,

To work in service

Forever here and now.

We hear your call

Responding with love

So if you should fall

We lift you up above.

Although your fears

Seem oh so real,

When you are open

No longer you feel.

Trapped or restricted

By limit or threat

Freedom is everyone’s

For All beings to get.


Channelled by 'this Being' ~ 15 Nov. 2023

The Mother Tree Poem

I am the Mother

I am the Tree

I am The Deva of Humanity


Open your heart

And free your mind

Hear My call

To all Mankind.


I am the Mother

I am the Tree

I am The Deva of Humanity


You are my children

This work begun

To stand together

To stand as ONE.


Open your heart

And free your mind

This is the prayer

For all Mankind.


See the light shine in everything

And let this blessing

Make your heart sing.


Open your heart dear

And free your mind

This is the blessing

For all Mankind.


You’re not alone dear

On this dear night

This world is ONE dear

So see the light.


I am the Tree

The leaves and roots

You are my Children

My seeds and shoots.


Open your heart

And free your mind

This is the song

For all Mankind.

The Mother Tree

The Song of Unity – Feel it Rising in Your hearts

Inspired by the recent questions about Unity, The Deva of Humanity invites us to sing - sound vibration has powerful transformative qualities and in this song it is magnified by the heartfelt intention for peace, love and Unity.



A Song from Paranathia

“Put down your weapons,

Shake Hands,

Embrace your Brothers and Sisters.

Let the boundaries drop away.

Look into the eyes of your fellow humans,

Whoever they are,

They are your Brothers and Sisters,

Whoever they are,


See yourself in the others, whom you come across,

Your challenges and difficulties are the same,

You are not different

You are ONE species.

This species is Humanity.


So release yourselves

From the prison of your mind,

And the words that say different,

And instead recognise the same.


Pick up your drums!

Pick up your musical instruments!


Lift up your voice

And sing to the Earth.

Sing to the Sky

Sing for each other

To become Unified.







Let your love light shine out

In friendship for all,

Let these hands reach out

Hear the Universe call


There is only ONE

And we are all it.

There is no difference,

Know that we all fit







Channelled by 'This Being' ~ 6 November 2023


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