Stepping into Unity (Part 3 of 4)

“All the Taras are here, all the colours of the rainbow. Let the Taras manifest and speak through our heart minds.” - Paranathia & Green Tara


On the question of stepping into Unity

“It is the first important to recognise that it is with reason that spirit has stepped down and allowed itself, indeed enabled itself to experience itself through becoming defined in the most powerful form called individuality.

YOU ARE this experience and so your experiences of separateness and demarcation are of the utmost importance to spirit.

In a wisdom beyond all understanding to human thought, you have edges called skin and a container called body and mind, and so too are all the other definable forms you see around you in the physical universe: the trees, animals, the elements.

As humans are like trees in that the trees have deep extensive root systems that intermingles and interacts and works together. The same happens above the ground, where you can see what goes on in the branches and the leaves. These interact with the elements: the rain, the wind and the animals, birds and insects.

You are like a tree; there is the hidden below and there is the more obvious above. Like a tree you reach up into the heavens and you have roots down into the earth fro where you came. It is so important to know this.

Spirit has set itself a task and YOU are that task.

So allow yourself to experience the separateness of being individual, with a skin and a sense of anatomy. Also explore your connectedness through the roots of your being into the cause and effects of your life, how that stretches around you, how it supports you from behind all that led to your being and how those roots also stretch before you.

It is right and it is appropriate for humans to feel both separate and individual, and connected and unified and whole. Though we have been created that way, I am one of the steps between individuality and total Unity.

If you have come to this place in your life where you yearn to know your connectedness to the ALL.

Remember that the portal to this comes through the healing and discovery of your infinite boundless heart.

As your heart heals and you recognise your safety in being and you work with understanding fear and release those constraints that you have put around each others hearts and minds and you feel you start to experience your expanded and limitless heart, you will learn a great truth - that you are both defined by edges and limits by your mind, and the power of the liberated heart there is no limits. These two seemingly opposed qualities of acceptance, of gratitude, of unconditionality and love – this is your great work and I am here to help you all with it so that we, the human race, remember our Earthly and heavenly Unity.

Connect with your individual soul by learning the art of stillness.

Listen to your soul and you will see that you are not separate never have there been and never will be.

Your soul will open you up to all the levels of Unity.

So enjoy being separate and enjoy being Unified.

That is the Great Work.

You are perfectly designed to do this and that my child is all.

For now"….

Message by Green Tara & Paranathia -22 December 2023 (This is part 3 of 4 messages about Unity)

Channelled by This Being on 11th November 2023

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