Still the Mind, Let the Heart Become Open

The importance of stilling the mind and letting the heart become open so that humanity can evolve beyond the limited self. — This Being

"Still the mind, let the heart become open.

Once your heart is open and your mind has become still you will sense the unity of everything - at that moment your struggles will cease.
Once your heart is open pain will disappear.
Once your heart is open you will know freedom.

That is the next step for humanity.
The stilling of the mind and the opening of the heart and resting in that as often as possible. A whole new reality will open before you as a species.

So take the step.
Let all become one.
Drop the pain and the confusion of the belief of separation.

Allow yourself to expand until all the myriad of forms are understood, seen and connected as one in your heart mind.

It requires a simple dedication of acceptance and investigation.

Acceptance - that you allow all possibilities and reject nothing.

This can only happen when the mind becomes still and the heart becomes open. It is at this point that you will be released into the infinite all and yet you will retain awareness, the most fundamental part of self -liberated from the limited self.

Practice it regularly until it is natural.

Still the mind.
Let the heart become open.
Rest in this."

Message by Paranathia - 12 October 2023

Channelled by This Being on 19 September 2023

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