Let us speak of Unity, what does that truly mean? (Part 1 of 4)

“Unity is a riddle, it is a paradox, but only from the place where there are places.” — Paranathia
Taken from the perspective of Devas who are profoundly more unified than we humans currently are.  For the Devas, unity is about complete wholeness- with everything as ONE. - This Being

Question: "What is the Meaning of Unity?"

“To speak of Unity is in itself to already break away from, become separate.
To think about Unity is already division.
And so though we can talk about Unity in terms of ideas and concepts it is important to state from the onset that thinking about and talking about Unity requires duality.
All and any ideas and concepts derived from the mind require subject and object concepts, so we talk about Unity as though it is a thing to understand. This is already a derivation, for Unity in its truest sense and meaning cannot be encapsulated in a conversation of concepts and meanings.

To know Unity, wholeness, completeness, unbounded, limitless, one must drop, let go of any ideas propagated or arising in the mind. Ones mind must become pure clarity and perfectly empty to truly know Unity. But for the sake of discussion and in an attempt to point out or insinuate or conceptualise and expand upon this idea of which you talk about- Unity, I will endeavour to express the understanding of the concept from the perspective of the realm of the Devas, which you may call the realm of light.

Unity IS.
And really, that is enough.
If you go further and talk about completion and cycles or fullness and emptiness or perfection, know that I have already stepped away from Unity to speak of such things.

Unity is ALL.
And included in ALL is NOTHING.
So is Unity nothing or everything?

Unity is a riddle; it is a paradox, but only from the place where there is places.

Unity cannot be described as This or That
Unity simply IS, but it is also simply isn’t, and so as you now see, Unity cannot be understood from the mind, which requires concepts, which are inherently polarised.

Instead of talking about Unity, I would like to encourage that Unity should be experienced through the letting go of the thought realm, of allowing what IS to simply BE.
One can only deepen into Unity when one releases the edges and boundaries of individuality. Know that you are already Unity or Unified and there is nothing can do about it. You can either accept or struggle with it you must make that choice.

And from the subject of Unity from the realm of light, that is all.”

Message by Paranathia - 17 November 2023 (This is part 1 of 4 messages about Unity)

Channelled by This Being on 3 November 2023

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