The Search for The Deva of Humanity

Lifetimes of Searching for Something Unknown


All that is written here has occurred over quite a long period—a decade or more. As some things are want to do, the experiences described here grew from a small seed, (the simple notion) which was then cultivated by my somewhat persistent inquiring nature. And so in time, there came about an unfolding, a slow-motion revelation if you like, that unexpectedly grew into the epic revelations you find here in what follows:

What was my persistent inquiry? 
Simply this - Is there a Deva for Humanity?


Do we as a species have our own Angelic-like Agent for the Universal Creative Mind? A super-being that is assigned the role of creating our species’ energetic blueprint upon which our physical form and ‘purpose’ is based upon?

Please be aware that all of what follows is this author's ‘personal-experience-truth’. How you feel about the content and its validity you will have to decide for yourself.

The insights and knowledge outlined, have come to this author through these primary vectors or modalities of none ordinary knowledge acquisition—

Dreams state (Hypnopompic & Hypnogogic pre-sleep states, lucid or clear-vision-recall dreaming).

Meditative - theta state downloading. (Which I until more recently have been unintentionally practicing for 15 years. Buddhists and other purists of the East understandably say that this is a distraction- yes it is if you are trying to reach a ‘single point’ Jana states and focused mind etc. As a result, I have had to become strict with myself and budget my cushion time into 3 types of meditation practice keeping them all very distinct- Traditional Samatha or Vipassana, Nei gong Alchemical energy work and download time. The ‘Higher Powers,’ the beyond-the-veil Beings and Ways & Means of Universal Mind don’t always see eye to eye with my neatly ordered system though!).

Intuition- or “Deeper knowing.” I understand this as; accessing universal collective knowledge (the Akasha) via one's own individual liminal mind connection to it.


Channelled- Occasionally there are sections of the information which is received by this direct transmission method. Although it is not the preferred modality of the author sometimes powerful none physical beings have other ideas about that. Therefore on occasion spontaneous but allowed (by the author) direct transmission of info through channelling has also been carried out as a means of information conveyance.

Journeywork under self-hypnosis. (Which I have practised for many years).

The Current Situation

Due to the current critical situation faced by our species, many people have fallen foul of the dangerously dismissive mantras of the ‘church of Science’ and rational normality. This can easily become another unbalanced paradigm and most certainly is the current accepted perceptual worldview norm’. It is predominantly but not exclusively a male-biased trait that has historically suppressed the shadowy deep mysteries of the universe. I believe it is one of the primary reasons that we have been able to feel separated from Nature (which has been put by the academic dominant mind into a separate concept box— i.e. Humans, over here, Nature, out there). This mindset is not really new, it has slowly developed during our recent cultural history. It is the same fractured, compartmentalised and dissected views that have led to all the control crises’ such as the various witch-hunts and all the other human atrocities born out of fear of the unknown which leads to violent domination of the feminine throughout history.


Alas, we don’t need to look far around us even today to see this same travesty playing out in the dramas of society the world over. The Human race as a collective has become psychologically fractured and has divorced itself from itself as well as from our very source— nature. Especially now at our so-called most civilized, it manifests in the propensity for us to become brainwashed by most of the world's education structures, commercialism and financial structures, civic or legal structures, and business and political structures. This logical and pragmatic or scientific and analytical left-brain disposition is lauded as the only rational way to rule and make decisions when perhaps it would be far more balanced to pursue our objectives by the holism approach of right-brain creative/intuitive in balance with left-brain analytical/pragmatic— we have some way to go before that utopia becomes widespread across Humanity.


So into this unbalanced yet dominant worldview, our intuition has been terribly suppressed and marginalised, it is considered woolly or ‘of the imagination’ “and there’s an end to it!” as they say. Put then into the category un-provable (how sadly ironic that we all potentially have instinctual intuition, this most useful faculty, yet most fear and don’t trust it, rather like the placebo effect— not understood, so brush it under the carpet) and how impoverished we have become as a result! Such descriptions are damagingly dismissive and although understandable from a modern human perspective, part of our collective divorce culture has been the suppression of the dark none linear mysteries of the Divine Feminine (within the psyche of both male and female).

Thank goodness there have always been, those who are drawn to none conformity, because we have dared to open Pandora’s box and peer inside, we do intuitively sense the mercurial nature of reality—We are the mystics, witches, sorcerers, healers, oracles, alchemists, artists, environmentalists, shamans and all the other counter-culture seekers of a wider, inclusive and balanced reality! Our eclectic cosmic family-within-the-greater-family will not stand idly on the sidelines. Although a minority, our numbers grow!

We are the rebels and mavericks who understand a broader meaning of ‘service and sacrifice’ and so continue to erode the calcified, rigid beliefs of current mainstream behaviour.

When we don’t recognise or accept racial, sexual or species discrimination we are the broadest family on Earth!

So please press on fellow traveller, there is much great work (for those who have awakened) to do, but know you are not alone...

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