Question - "How can we be free of the weight of existance?"

A tool for freedom from the 'weight of existence', from Paranathia - Lisette De Pachua

"There are some things, unseen and unheard

which are always in the background  - whether it’s because we are not aware of them on a conscious level, they are still there.
The things we carry as a human species, unlike the majority other beings on the planet, can be like a mill stone around our necks - an unrealised weight of existence that actually can be as light as a feather if we choose.

You see dearest Children, YOU are the ultimate architect of your own reality.
YOU are the creator.
YOU perceive what you wish to, and YOU have the power to free yourself from all this weight.

Look now in the mirror.
Look now into your own eyes.
Look now into the very core of yourself.

What is it that you believe you see?
What feeling arise with your continuous unwavering stare? There is no hiding to be found in the mirror, there s only the NOW.

How long can you hold this stare?
What is the feeling that eventually breaks it?

Ruminate on these questions - the answers to your existence can be found within and the mirror can be used as tool to unlock yourself if you so wish. Call on me to support you in this process of unlocking, of releasing the weight, the opening of the heart and the freeing of the mind.

WE are as ONE.
I am with you (as you are with me).
Your Mother Deva.


Message from Paranthia 28 June 2024

Channelled by Lisette De Pachua – 27 June 2024

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