Their Re-Emergence

Is the current situation of the human species too much for Them to bear?
This Being — August 2023

Too Much For Them to Bear?

Following the revelations of what was hidden regarding The DoH and those murky aspects of our human history… They disappeared again and went right off the radar, a light that had been turned on in my perceptual awareness that I associated with Their presence in my aura faded out.

It was as if They had left the building, which metaphorically speaking They had, for me. Although I had helped awaken Them again from disturbed slumber, perhaps the energetic damage had become too much for Them to bare.

Things had progressed in our story that They had no way to prepare Themself for and was unable to help with.

It was understandable that spending countless aeons semi-asleep in a dark lonely purgatory would be enough to break most Beings, then only to reemerge and see the current state of modern human civilisation. I felt deeply saddened all the more and guilty also because my persistence had been influential in initiating Their reawakening into what must be more pain. Although I was already well used to the irregular and sporadic nature of our interactions over the previous years somehow this was different, it felt permanent.

…It was, although I didn’t know that for sure at the time as They hadn’t told me what was happening to Them —

Do Deva Die?

It really felt like Tanaha has now gone from us, Their 'children,' completely. We as a species were thus once again in a (for all intents and purposes) 'Deva-less' state, one which we had already collectively and unconsciously grown accustomed to, and then after such a short period of being (unconsciously) reunited, we were again a species with no uniting Deva to guide us at the collective species level of our being.


Fortunately, at the time most of humanity was completely unaware of the whole series of events that had gone on underneath their feet and also buried so deeply in our collective and individual consciousness.


That I was aware there were a very limited few people who had contact with Tanaha for the short period following Their re-emergence into the light of our awareness.

do deva die

This Second Withdrawl of our Deva Was a Shock

I for one was just beginning to enjoy a new sense of body-heart-mind unity and connectedness not only within myself but also with all of my fellow humans that I had not dreamed possible. I put this down to having connected with Their presence in my life. A strange kind of grief came over me for some time after Their parting. Eventually, the gloomy mist of that grief started to ebb, healing in me as grief does with the passing of time.


I am glad to say that the vast and wondrous sense of Human-connectivity that had grown in me during my time interacting with Tanaha remained it was a great gift that They had imparted to me that has not only disappeared even though They had.


For someone who had up until this whole episode had myself felt somehow disconnected for much of my life from my fellow human beings enhanced by a sense of horror, confusion and disbelief at the ways we can often behave as individuals and collectives towards each other, animals and the Earth itself, preferring to avoid and reject many of humanity’s damaging ways- despite being one myself! obviously.


This created in me a kind of dissonant even sometimes personal identity as a human—summed up as an uncomfortable sense of ‘Species-guilt’. None of that had disappeared now but with the insights and touch in my heart and soul revealed by Tanaha (as well as other aspects of my personal Life Journey), I was enabled to encompass all of it- the good stuff and the bad in a way such feelings became now understood and able to be let go off into a kind of acceptance and understanding of Us, how and why we became the way we are. I could also see from my own journey that change was not only possible but inevitable.


Evolution is at work in us all it is an unstoppable force and the Earth will go on either with us or without. To some considerable degree that is in our hands and is being guided by the decisions we make, as individuals and as a collective civilisation.

It is with a great sense of relief and freedom that I am able now to say that I have expanded beyond identifying in a dissonant way with my fellow Humans- I now see the situation from a greater vista than I ever had before. I understand better and resonate far more harmoniously with my own part in humanity's continually unfolding story.

Although They had gone from me, perhaps forever, Their profound and beneficial effects on my heart and soul remained- I took peace from this.

The Meeting

There is a Council that meets; it consists of the 7 major groups of beings that are represented on Earth. They meet and discuss important events and how they can work as a unified group to energetically affect and influence for the most mutually positive outcomes, and situations as they unfold.


The unified collaborative effects of their combined intention, an immense inter-dimensional influence, are put to great work for the benefit of all who call Earth their home and beyond.

In recent years I have unexpectedly been given a great honour, a responsibility well beyond what I would naturally be comfortable with but nonetheless, I am grateful for this opportunity.

I am occasionally called upon to attend these lunar maximal meetings as a 'Human guest representative.' These meetings can only be described as both awesome and profound in their scope and vision.

The core intention at the heart of these meetings is to combine all the attendees' hearts and minds into a singular directional task of focused attention.

This is an extremely uplifting, powerful and at the same time humbling experience for me - mind-blowing would be an understatement. The incredible selfless motivation of all the various families of Beings that attend has had the effect of propelling my own evolution as an interconnected element of the whole; somehow separate and autonomous and at the same time completely and inextricably unified with my species, the Council and all the beings each group represents, the Earth, the Universal whole, the cosmic mind, ‘The All,’ or whatever you may choose to call it.

Although at a glance all who attend may seem very different, even existing in different dimensions; because we are all in one way or another a part of the Earth’s evolution we are all therefore aligned and working for the same ‘cause’.

All the members of the council recognise the Earth as a sentient Being herself and that each group, family or race represented at the council is recognised and represented in the atmosphere of respect and absolute equality in regards to their part as an aspect of the voice of the Earth.

To further ensure fairness of representatives there is a rotation of individuals from each group to ensure as wide a diversity of ideas and experiences from each group are given voice.

What strikes me most powerfully about these meetings when I attend them is the recognition and motivation of all of those who attend to selfless service and vision of the positive evolution of the Earth and all who call her home. There is a palpable sense that every being in attendance feels not just a connection to each other and the Earth, it is more akin to the wider understanding that we are the Earth, indivisible from her as the mountains the oceans the ground and the sky.

It was in one of these meetings in early 2022 that quite unexpectedly The Deva of Humanity so clearly reappeared into the realms of our combined awareness.

There were at least 17 beings present, 20 including Amaya, Selene and Solaris (Earth Moon & Sun), more still when we include the honoured guests at that meeting: The full contingent of Tara’s- Green, white, yellow, blue & red.

It turns out that in fact, it was the presence of the Taras that paved the way enabling the DOH to re-manifest.

It was a significant shock to ‘this Being’ who saw their role in this meeting predominantly as a witness and ‘holder of the space’, a role that most participants hold in creating a unified field of presence and equanimity for the intended work to be carried out in by the primary host (a responsibility which alters from one member to another with each successive full moon meeting). Part way through the proceedings a very powerful new voice announced itself to me:

“Do you remember me? I am The Deva of Humanity, formerly known to you as Tanaha."

I looked around to see if anyone else had picked up on this, but everyone else seemed deeply immersed in the work, I realised that this must have happened inside my own individual mind. I hoped that my distraction wasn’t causing a disruption in the proceedings, everyone's role and focused attention are of significant importance. I knew that distractions could cause problems in the proceedings and potentially lead to an unsuccessful outcome!

I knew that I needed to get back into the right kind of meditative state ASAP but then I had the feeling that I was being intensely looked at. I scanned around the Council with my inner vision and saw that the two members of one contingent- The Devas, were ‘looking’ at me intently. It immediately dawned on me that they must have also heard it. Suddenly I was overcome with an upsurge of indescribably blissful feelings in my heart. This was accompanied by a blindingly beautiful golden and silver light that radiated out in a rainbow-coloured sphere that contacted and interacted with all the Tara’s. At this point, others were obviously becoming aware of this turn of events. I reached out to the other human members, one of whom was right next to me and whispered, “Do you see and feel that?”.

“The Rainbow dancing thing?” she said

“Yes! I think I know what it is.” I could hardly contain my excitement.

Suddenly the powerful Voice was back in my head again-

“I wish to speak through you, will you allow this?”

By now there was no doubt in my mind who this was I did recognise Her although She had significantly changed; now vastly more bright and powerful than the last time that I encountered Her before Her disappearance. The situation at the meeting had suddenly become vibrant and taken a totally unexpected turn of events, I had immediately dropped all my concerns for holding the space effectively a few moments prior.

“Yes! Absolutely, I do”. I replied

“Thank you!” I voiced out loud (was that me or Her? I certainly felt overwhelmingly grateful). Tears of joy started to flow as my heart mind and voice were taken over by The DOH.

I am The Deva of Humanity, I have returned refreshed and renewed, ready to continue my work here on Earth”.

I remember being faintly aware that suddenly the atmosphere in the space became very buzzy like an electrical storm. All eyes were suddenly focused upon ‘this Being’ and the one who had so seamlessly and gently taken the helm of a significant portion of this mind.

“Previously I was known as Jian-Sho-Dan-Tanaha Deva.
That being is no more although she and I are the same.

I am reborn and now my name is Paranathia."

Paranathia as depicted by this Being

Much more happened at this meeting which I am not able to speak of in this open forum. Perhaps I have already said more than I should but I believe it is important for those who express an interest to be allowed to know some of the circumstances in which the DOH returned back to us. Despite the very secretive nature of these meetings, I have actually eluded to very little detail on the nature of these events.

Enough though to allow this vital episode of The DOH story to be recounted...

Final Thoughts From This Being

When the Deva of humanity was reborn as Paranathia in such a beautiful and totally unexpected manner, it was clearly a converging powerful moment. For one thing, the whole ensemble of Tara’s came together and unified as ‘Rainbow Tara’. Then Paranathia emerged and aligned with Rainbow Tara. All at once the direction and qualities of Humanities' current evolutionary mission came much more into sharp focus for those of us in attendance. The combined energy of all the Tara’s as The Rainbow Tara incorporates the full range of Bodhisattva qualities or “Rays” and what those mean to us humans as well as all the beings of the Earth, indeed the Earth itself.


The ongoing evolution of the human species has suddenly taken on a whole new level of potentiality, and so too the evolution of this planet.


What got imparted to me from Them (Paranthia epitomises androgyny), when They paid me the unbelievable honour of speaking through me, was this:


This is by far the most direct and open channel to connect with The DOH - if and when one has recognised the quality of the Bodhisattva ray calling or pulling oneself to give the self into service of all other beings and the evolutionary plan for humanity of Great Spirit.


The Deva of Humanity has been ‘reborn’ and returns to us apparently as a much evolved being compared to Their previous incarnation which I first encountered over 10 years prior and described in the short work called “The Deva of Humanity - Her Story”.


Tanaha as she was then, now no more, apart from what is recorded in the Akashic records and some continuum aspect of Their own energy matrix. A Deva life which spanned the birth and rise of humanity as well as her heartbreaking downfall and period of being lost, wandering alone to finally fall into torpor in the realms of inner Earth's dark corridors. Left over from that incarnation is Their soul spark and with that the lessons that They bring into this new incarnation -Their original impulse, as the blueprint and energetic framework of humanity.

Paranathia — The Deva of Humanity Returns

Their reappearance is hugely reassuring to me and should give all of us who come across these recounts great hope for a future, reinvigorating all of us who work in service to Mother Earth.

Paranathia’s true identity is a mystery and so it should be, They appears to be bright yet quite ephemeral, constantly flowing moving and adjusting to the individual, the time and the place in which They has allowed Themself to become apparent.


Like mist, They cannot be captured or held as a single understandable being or concept. They inform me also that They now include as a part of Their complex new form, each and every one of our own personal Body-Deva’s (please do check in with yours for confirmation and other inquiries you can pursue regarding this process, which in my case is ongoing).

That is one immediate way in which we are all directly connected to Paranathia.

Synchronistically then, just like humanity appears to be fast evolving into- one race, one being (a kind of hive-mind) made up of a bewilderingly diverse array of individual parts (each and every one of us is beautifully different, special and incredible yet ultimately purposeless without, or separated from either psychologically or even actually physically, all the other components of the human race with which we interact and share this planet).

Together, we are all evolving as ONE amazing Being/Species called Humanity.

To whom and how does Paranathia become apparent?

The Deva of Humanity will come to any person when they are ready.

What defines readiness?

There comes a point in an individual's journey, when we recognise that we are on a path of personal as well as societal evolution. When we begin to see a much bigger picture than the ones laid out before us by family, peers, community, education, religion and society. Big questions may arise and most certainly cracks appear in the hard outer shell of our ego structure which can enable us to begin a new phase in our soul-process. A whole new understanding of self and one's place or purpose will likely start to present itself. This is not enlightenment, although certainly it can be defined as an element of kundalini rising or similar, it certainly is a well-recognised stage on the journey. A key indicator of this phase is a spontaneous and powerful heart opening, a kind of tenderising and expanding occurs, unmistakable and usually overwhelming. What rises up is a force or a power that seems to come from within and one can not stop it or hold it back. Born from a place of deep compassion and sensitivity to the suffering of other beings one is compelled to give over one's life and purpose to something far greater- what usually manifests is a personal vow to the Universe of dedicating one's whole life in the service of the evolution of ‘Other’ so that they may become free from suffering- for we all know how that feels.

One cannot force or make this event ‘happen’ it unfolds of its own accord (as mentioned above), when we and circumstances are ripe & ready, it is a part of the process.

Please Note: These accounts are from my own perspective of both recent and historic events, they are a personal understanding of what happened. What is imparted, as such is a true and honest account of all that happened to me.

I hope that all of these accounts can be of help in some way for you.

This Being

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