Unity-Standing as ONE (Part 4)

"Let us be unified now so we are free and stand as ONE." - Paranathia

"To know Unity completely requires the deepest and most profound heartfelt sacrifice.

The sacrifice of all personal agendas of self. And in the initiation which wells up from within and is an unstoppable force, when we are ready, the power of Great Spirit will open up within us our love for the Universe, for Great Spirit in all its profoundly beautiful an unfathomable mysteries will become the only important thing.
And in this moment of sacrifice the individual is no more - the shell has cracked open and onto the sacrificial fire of transformation the old self is cast to be burnt up forever.
This is a moment of grace which cannot be forced, it can only be invited, and when it happens all past karma and connections to causality are released in a moment and the individual drip casts itself into the infinite ocean o be lost and found, reunited and unified.
If you feel the call of this impulse, prepare yourself for what it truly is to be in service to Great Spirit.
Prepare yourself with commitment, with dedication, with an open heart and a still mind, and with humility invite Great Spirit to fill you up completely until nothing is left.

This is what a Bodisatva commitment can lead to.
This is the ultimate meaning of unification and it is the ultimate expression of self- it is what we are made for.
And that, my children, is most certainly not all - for this journey has begun as well as being completed.

Receive these words with my love and blessing, for they are your words and they are your love and blessing speaking through your soul channel and the energetic light realm of the collective consciousness called DEVA.

My name is Paranathia, and it is your name too.
Feel me in your heart.
I am a stepping stone on your journey to re-unification with the ALL, Great Spirit.
Pure , unbound, liberated love to you, my children.

Message by Paranathia -29 December 2023 (This is part 4 of 4 messages about Unity)

Channelled by This Being on 12 December 2023

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