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This is The Deva of Humanity's story and recent re-emergence as described by another witness and shows how different levels of perceiving Their story can enhance understanding and connection to Paranthia.
— Beverlee June Alexander & Lisette De Pachua

Tanaha/Paranthia Visuals

From a Journey with Lisette & Beverlee (main account by Beverlee)

When I connect in I immediately see a female figure standing alone in the vast chamber of a cave, similar to the one I have been in before, low-domed and the colour of slate. She is a slim figure, staring at me intently, trying to connect. Her floor-length fitted gown seems to be made of moss, a rich but deep shade of green, while her hair is astoundingly long. It is a burnished coppery tone and she reminds me of one of my main guide’s colouring and attire.

The hair requires some time to describe for it is braided in a great thick Viking-inspired tress all the way down to the floor and beyond. The thick braid is hanging on her left side, held in place by her cupped palm. Where this braid touches the floor, the hair then fans out and leads along the cavern floor towards me and to my left. I turn to follow the river of hair. It goes as far as my eyes can see. It is communicated that this hair length represents how many uncountable aeons she has been there.

At first, we think it’s Paranathia but no, it’s her previous self Tanaha.

Wow, what a figure she cuts.

She turns her back and walks to the side of the cavern and climbs a ladder on the wall up to a smaller cave and platform. It is where she rests and she sits down in a yoga pose and meditates. I assume an almost meditative state to match hers and allow for visions to continue.

This visual was almost 2 hours long, showing many stages of her existence and activities until today, where she ends with some gifts for ‘this Being’. I guess it was her way of telling her story another way, with some interesting details added.

The visual of Tanaha’s existence:

While seated in the lotus position, she holds her hands up in front of her, elbows at shoulder height, forearms and wrists pressed together, palms facing upwards with fingers loosely curved to form a makeshift lotus flower. An almost holographic form of a small woman a few inches tall stands on her left palm.

My vision gets closer and I see the tiny woman (who turns out to be Tanaha) use her hands to spread something on the ground (the palm face) like she is spreading seeds.

A tree grows and the trunk is very thick growing quickly skyward until it comes to a barrier, an invisible line in the sky far above. The tree quickly grows a healthy green canopy of leaves. It spreads north, south, east and west arcing like an umbrella and following a curve inside this barrier. Eventually, the canopy of leaves and branches fills in the inner shape of a sphere.

The sphere is our Great Mother. This is the tree of life inside here. I see monkey and apelike beings in small clusters scattered through the canopy, living in small communities. Eventually, after some fostering, Tanaha does something and these beings appear on the surface of the earth, on the other side of the barrier represented by the surface of the planet. These beings prosper and toil, toil and prosper for aeons of time.

After much time, Tanaha repeats the birthing action and more beings appear in clusters amongst the canopy under the crust. They are more advanced in development than the first groups. Soon, they are somehow granted access to walk on the surface. They toil and prosper over much time.

Tanaha is very pleased with herself - plans have gone well and she has achieved much. Suddenly her eyes go wide and fearful, she looks skyward in concern.

(I have forgotten some details here but it seems this is the time ‘this Being’ wrote about when the A-people set upon the human family and manipulated them for their own uses.)

Tanaha is distressed and after some actions showing this, she goes into a coma–like state. Darkness prevails for eons and then she perks her right ear. She has heard 'this Beings' thoughts. Next, I see her she is wearing silvery white ethereal robes, floaty and shimmery, also glowing and vital. She is now Paranthia. She approaches me and lays down three gifts. They are three rectangles the size of tarot cards, about 1/2” thick and look to be made of rough-cut crystal, but etheric and light. The three objects stand on end and I am expecting to try and understand what they say. But they say nothing. They are not to be read.

Suddenly one of them shoots skyward and I understand it goes to ‘this Being’s body to help his inner transformation that he is currently enduring, brought on by his connection to the transforming Paranthia.

When each of these objects is absorbed into his body, I feel the effervescent flood and slam. My body shudders more with the 2nd and third gifts.

‘This Being’ is the first who will transform like she has, to re-align to their original, pre-manipulated bodies. She is working with us to re-align humanity.

By Beverlee June Alexander & Lisette De Pachua - 18 August 2023

Channelled on 7 August 2023

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