"What Can I (as an Individual) Do to Be in Service?"

In response to this question posed by a trusted co-creator - J.
— This Being

Question: “What can I (as an individual) do to be in service?”

(In response to a trusted co-creator — J. on 12th Aug. ‘23)

"When we feel this question arising in us, it is a genuine plea or enquiry from someone who has come to a place where they recognise Unity.

They have gone for the most part beyond selfish individualised concepts of identity, but stand on the threshold of a whole new sense of being and purpose. Often when a human being comes to this part in their spiritual evolution, there can be confusion, for the old personal self has been let go of and there is a strong impulse for connection to the ALL.

This new being, as it comes out of the chrysalis of chaos is yet unformed as the butterfly of renewal. This is a beautiful moment and one, which is called by many the ‘awakening.’ Although there is often confusion, it is actually to recognise and celebrate as we step into our role as an individuated being — more connected to the whole than ever before.

It is a step in the re-uniting of the individuated self with the collective self of the ALL, and can sometimes be accompanied by some confusion and a yearning to know what is one's true purpose.

At this vital moment there is a coming together and simultaneously falling apart of the old, the new is yet to be fully recognised.

So what is important to thee, being, as she navigates this often-tricky phase of the ‘awakening’ process?

One word — FAITH.

Faith in your process.
Faith in Great Spirit.
Faith in the revelations as they unfold.
Faith that you do not need to do anything other than hold your faith and trust.

You are already whole and complete.

Your awareness is expanding into this.

Circumstances and your own growing innate knowing/wisdom will guide each new moment as it arises for you.

You ARE service.

You are not ‘in service.’
Your very being is service.

Approach this understanding with self-compassion and compassion for all beings.

And this is what the ancients call the ‘Bodhisattva impulse’ or ray, working through the entity that is you – this being.

You are not in service.
Your existence IS service.

Open your heart to this.
Have faith in this.

The Universe will show you what to do next.

That is all.

With these words, I am here to remind you of what you know already.
This truth is already deeply embedded in your heart.
My words are just to remind you."

Message by Paranathia - 29 August 2023

Channelled by This Being on 12 August 2023

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