Question- "What is Humanity's Origin?" - Part 1

“I hear this question in the hearts and the minds of people everywhere - it is a perennial question, one that has been asked many times throughout the course of human history." — Paranathia

“What is the origin and the truth of humanity?

Where do we come from?

What has been our journey that brings us to what we are now?

This seems like a simple question and the motives for asking it are valid, indeed valuable, which is the impetus that brings about this enquiry.

First of all, know and be rest assured in the knowledge that all of your history, all of the clues, the entire journey is written within you. You are a historic roadmap of what led to what is now described as the ‘modern human’. The reason why you will not be able to access this knowledge is as a result of recent movements in the species towards ignorance, forgetfulness, shutting down and disconnection from your truth.

Disconnection from your Source.
Disconnection from your origins.

This has been described in modern times as a ‘collective trauma’, and I can verify that this is true.
Although the fall into ignorance was not as a result of one single event, it has progressed and been self-reinforced over several millennia. Multiple events have increased the closing, the shutting down, the fear and the sense of separation - which is now manifest across the entire species of humanity as a state also described in modern vernacular as ‘disassociation’.

It actually costs each individual and the species as a whole, in energetic terms, a huge amount of power in holding onto the collective trauma and disassociation. For to remain separate and perceive oneself as an individual, as separate from Nature, the Earth and the manifest Universe, to uphold the false belief of independence, dead matter, separate objects, and lifeless material. Individual autonomy requires so much mental and emotional energy to maintain and keep out the truth. The truth is abundantly clear all around - humanity has fallen into a profound deep state of ignorance that requires much effort to uphold.

The first trauma, the first clear ancestral memory, the original trauma, happened many generations ago. A great wrong befell an entire human civilisation and influences external to earthly human origins were inflicted - the ripple effect of this great wrong-doing continues to play out in human society and in human understanding of itself and the Universe. Prior to this great wrong-doing, humanity across the world lived in harmony with each other and the planet and all the beings with whom they shared this Earth at that time. That is not to say that things were perfect, but there were many, many generations and civilisations that came and went, and despite occasional acts and experiences of aggression and disharmony by and large all still understood the laws of Nature, the Cosmic law of ONE, of Unity, and all understood balance and place.
Prior to this period, hundreds more generations, thousands more generations of humanity lived in simple peace in an abundant world. There have been other occurrences in this long history where external influences played a part in the evolutionary processes - augmentations occurred on several occasions throughout humanity's long and distant evolutionary journey. Some happened naturally due to the environment and the intention of the human race at a collective level. Other influences came from a non-earthly origin.

There are many strands that have come together - the human race has not only manifested as a result of natural earthly influences that you call evolution. Some of the influences were benign and done with the intention to help and others were done with an agenda of manipulation. One particular event that I have talked about, was so profound and traumatic that it created a split in the human body/heart/mind - you could say that within one generation humanity became fractured, tortured and traumatised. This one event led to the ‘Fall’ and now what you see across the planet for many generations has been what you would describe as schizophrenic - multiple personalities separated, yet within one individual, one community, one culture or another, indeed most of the human race.
I have described this event as a ‘great wrongdoing’ and that is because key, recognised and understood Cosmic laws were not upheld. However, please know that there are greater things afoot than any of us fully understand and only Great Spirit has jurisdiction over, and so what appears to be an event of great wrongdoing - in the broader perspective, in the way of Great Spirit, One, are all part of the turning of the wheel of motion as things unfold.

And so now we are again at a pivotal point.
A time of reckoning and the coming together of many threads, revelations, truths, insights and awakenings have been prophesied to come to fruition at this time.
Becoming separate, believing in individuality and autonomy it turns out, has been a vital step in the growth and evolution of the human story.
Now is the time, in linear history, to remember your truth as individuals and more importantly as a whole, as a species, as an element amongst many species with which you share this planet this galaxy, and indeed this solar system.

This is a call to awaken - your collective trauma is the very mechanism, the very stepping stone that enables you all to remember and step forward.

Remember your Indigenous nature.
Remember that your collective consciousness goes far beyond your family, your culture, your civilisation, and even your species.
You are connected, inextricably a part of The ALL - EVERYTHING.
From the tiniest atom to the vast billions of stars in the galaxy and all the myriad minutia detail.
All rotating together.
All in communion and affecting each other.
All speaking one language.
Singing one song.
Dancing one dance.

Do you remember now?

For more detail - seek within.
YOU are a roadmap."

Message by Paranathia - 2 Februrary 2024

Channelled by this Being – 29 January 2024

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