"What Would Your Message of Peace Be?"

“We will speak of peace and how we in the Deva Kingdom relate to it." — Paranathia

"What is the message of Peace?

I will speak of Peace and how we in the Deva Kingdom relate to it.

For at this time in the world and the realm of human activity on Earth, Peace is an idea, a concept that many people work towards or wish for or pray for.
In the realm of light where such things as ideas and concepts have different appearances, Peace is an Angel.

She/He (for they are beyond the division of gender), is a being of the utmost purity and clarity of frequency. ‘She’ is an Angel that works through all of us in the realm of light which you call the Deva Kingdom, and as such you could say that Peace operates at a frequency at the highest reaches of the realm of light.

‘She’ is an aspect that works through all beings in the realms of light. You could say ‘She’ is a being that is within all beings of the highest frequency in the realms of light, but “she’ is also so far-reaching that ‘She’ also reaches into the darkness. For even there, in the darkest stillest places she can still be found.

Peace on Earth as you understand it, for the most part, has been wrongly designated to be the opposite of chaos and destruction. Still, you must know, as a part of your own ascension as individuals and as a species, that Peace is an Angel and a being. As such ‘She’ can be worked with, and collaborated with, ‘She’ can be petitioned for assistance and understanding. ‘She’ can be talked to, prayed to, ‘She’ can be beckoned, asked for. Her presence can be called upon and ‘She will come when the heart is ready.

And no matter what amount of movement and chaos and disturbance and noise and destruction is being experienced. No matter what pain, loss, grief, anger, frustration, hate, rage and violence that are felt in that situation - the Angel of Peace can be called upon. And when the qualities of faith or release and acceptance are embraced, Peace will enter your heart and mind.

Indeed, ‘She’ is already there if you know how to open to Her and can grow as a presence and nurture Her qualities and blessings in your life. ‘She is already there and can grow in your thoughts, your words and your actions as ‘She’ does in ours in the realms of light.

And so, to have Peace in your life and in your world, no matter what circumstances you are in, ‘She’ will come and ‘She’ will grow if you have faith and you have worked on letting go and releasing and regularly, daily quietening and stilling of your mind, and then you will see that ‘She’ was always there.

If you tune into The Deva of Humanity and you call me into your life, it is the same process and practices, and as you find me and I find you, Peace will come.

If you want to experience profound and deep peace, using these methods with your intention for Peace inside you will bring about this deepening relationship with the Angel of Peace.

The method is the same, the intention is what will open you specifically to an Angel or a Deva, or most importantly yourself and Great Spirit that resides within everything.

Do all of this through stilling the mind, resting the alert and aware mind.
There are a number of well-established methods to work towards stilling the mind - find the one that suits you best.”

Message by Paranathia, 16 Februrary 2024

Channelled by this Being – 16 November 2023

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